Comment on the post to stand a chance of winning a Joby Gorillapod GP8 Focus & Ballhead X worth R2,290!

Update Friday 22 July 2011 3:35PM
And the winner is… Phrog*!

Phrog commented:
I would strap it to my bull bar while navigating Sani Pass using my D5000 and my 14-24mm.  Maybe not in snow though 🙂

Once again, thanks to all who entered. Be sure to look out for next months competition – it’s going to be a great one!

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Update Friday 22 July 2011 3:10PM
Competition is now closed! Thanks for all the entries! Winner will be announced shortly, good luck to all who entered!

Welcome to our third official Orms Connect Monthly Giveaway! This month we’ve got a Joby Gorillapod GP8 Focus with the Joby Ballhead X up for grabs, a total value of R2,290!

The combination of the Joby Gorillapod GP8 and the Ballhead X allows you to freely position a DSLR or video camera weighing up to 5 kilograms. This allows you to mount some of the larger zoom lenses to your camera without having to worry about the Gorillapod releasing its grip. Just remember to mount the Gorillapod to a secure structure and make sure everything is stable!

How to enter:
If you aren’t already a fan of the Orms Direct Facebook page, please like it and then return to Orms Connect and leave a comment on this blog post, answering the question: “What is the riskiest spot you will clamp your Gorillapod GP8, and what camera/lens combo will you mount on it?”

1) The competition is open to all South African residents, 18 or older.
2) The winner will be selected randomly, and will need to be a fan of Orms Direct on Facebook.
3) Only one comment/entry per person will count. If you leave more than one comment, it will only count as one entry.
4) Competition closes Friday 22 July 2011 at 12:00 PM.


Connect Giveaway: Gorillapod GP8 & Ballhead X

  1. I will attach it to the side mirror and maybe some other parts of my car to take driving shots. Up till now i’ve used dodgy homemade rigs consisting of tripods and planks, and ropes and all sorts of other things. Camera will be a Canon 1DS with 17-40 lens and a remote trigger.

  2. I would love a Gorillapod… Have been looking to
    take a panoramic pic from Media 24 Head office’s roof, but can’t get
    close enough to the edge… With the Gorillapod I can attach it to the
    rail guard and use the camera wireless!

  3. I am going on a month long holiday to India, with my Canon eos 7d and will be taking my ef-s 15 – 85 mm lens with.  I will not be able to take my normal tripod with me as it is to impractical.  The riskiest place I might attach the Gorillapod GP8 to might be a tree branch.
    Would love one !!!

  4. i would add my 7D and 10-20mm, 1 X Gorillapod on my mountain bike seat post and video a rider following behind me … damn now that would make some interesting movies!

  5. Want to take my Canon 7d and 15-85 lens along to Israel coming December, where may actually be risky to carry a monopod! Would be a nice relief to rather take the Gorillapod GP8 I’ve won along and risk hanging that on the tourbus’ mirror brackets!! Watch out, here we come. . .

  6. It would be super risky, but I’d love to try shooting above a pool, so would clamp the Gorillapod to a rig above the water…don’t know if I’d be brave enough to use my Canon 7D so might opt for my 30D instead, probably with a light-weight 50mm depending on the height above the water…realistically, this is the kind of shot I don’t anticipate ever taking, but if it’s feasable with a Gorillapod I’m definitely keen to look into it… 🙂

  7. I’d put a Canon 5Dmk2 with 15mm fisheye on it and clamp it to the top of a sailing boat’s mast for some amazing birds eye views of the deck in a storm.

  8. I have been wanting one of these babies for ages! Riskiest spot? I’ve always wanted to strap one of these nice and high up a tree at our local dirt jump trails in sw to get an awesome fisheye shot of the riders trixing it up at there level, would mount a canon 1D with an 8-15mm fisheye and remote shoot it!

  9. I assume the competition closes on July 22nd and not June 22nd 😛 I’d take it along on my upcoming holiday to the Philippines and strap it to the front of a Banka boat with my Canon 550D 50mm, to get some water/ island shots while in motion and see if I can get some coral and fish shots while anchored in a snorkelling spot. 

  10. Iv always wanted to have one of these. I would mount it to a light Airplane seat and use my DSLR Rebel XSi camera to take pictures, while I am flying around lovely Cape Town. 🙂

  11. I would want to clamp my Nikon D7000 with a 50mm lens out the window of a train as it goes through South Africa, set to capture a photo every minute…

  12. I would like to join the National Geographic film team with my Canon D500 , 18 – 200mm lens and the Gorillapod and taking pictures in die wild.

  13. I would mount a Canon 5Dmk2 with 17-40mm lens on my Gorrillapod. Then I would mount my Gorillapod on a Gorillas head and record HD video of Jane Goodall talking to the Gorilla. (The real one not the pod).

  14. I would mount a Canon 60D with 18-200mm lens on the front bullbar of my 4×4 with the Gorillapod and use it to take remote shots of the passenger’s facial expressions while negotiating an off-road obstacle.

  15. I would mount my Canon 550D with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Macro Lens next to a bee hive and take photos (remotely) of bees entering and exiting the hive.

  16. I would have two Canon 5DMKII mounted on GorillaPods, each with a 16-35 f2.8 L. I then mount one on the rear of a chase car attached to the towbar, and the other attaced to the front bumper of the same car. Then I would record an epic road chase scene over Chapmans Peak drive with two fast Italian supercars, one behind and one infront of the chase car to give the illusion that the supercars are chasing each other 😀

  17. I will mount my Nikon D300 with 35mm f1.8 and grip the Gorrillapod GP8 on a bicycle or other moving object to get some nice motion shots.  It is also great to use for low angle shots where a regular tripod would be to big and bulky to get in.  Great product!

  18. Got a Canon EOS 60D, 17-85mm . Risky? Not really the risky type but want to capture my mate on his moto cross bike jumping high with a sunset in the background, but picked out foreground with plenty of light.

  19. I would like to mount it to the front of my car and take some low angle shots while driving. Not sure wich body i’ll, cos it’ll be like straping one of my kids to the car, but i’ll defnitly go for a wide angle.

  20. I would clamp the Gorillapod GP8 to an overhanging tree on Table Mountain during sunset with my Canon 7D and EF 17-40 L and take photo’s of my friends climbing up the mountain.

  21. I’d attach my EOS 40D with Sigma 10-20mm (and perhaps a Speedlite 580EXII to get the fill light) to the strut of the light airplane that I’ll be jumping out of. The camera will be half facing to the door of the plane, and since 10mm is pretty wide, include the landscape below. I will trigger the shot with a wireless remote trigger just as I leave the plane.

  22. I have a 60d with a water housing I always wanting to mount that rig to the front of my friends fishing boat, and sometimes if you lucky dolphins follow us out to sea… Imagine that shot “bow of the boat with the movement of animal and water.” solution would be a Gorillapod. 

  23. True story: I am shooting the national bar flair comps this friday and need to hang a camera (probably my Canon 50D with a sigma 10-20 and EX430ii, remotely triggered of course!) from the rafters above the stage. these guys are throwing bottles and liquid everywhere! This would be the solution to that tricky situation!

  24. I will use my Nikon D3100 with my Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX lens on the Gorrillapod clamped to my riding hat while on an outride on my horse and trigger the camera remotely to get stunning scenic shots as well as great shots of the other riders and their horses.  Always a challenge to get good shots of moving animals.  This way I’d be able to not only get a better view (without having to take a shot between the horse’s ears), but also be able to remain in control of my own horse while taking pictures.  I’m always too scared to take my camera out on the rides, as it will have to be around my neck or hand held.  The Gorrillapod will give me the opportunity to finally take it with and capture all the wonderful things I always see and usually say “damn, wish I had my camera here now!”

  25. I would mount my Nikon D90, 18-55mm lens on my car to photograph the Overberg’s beautiful lands. I would also use the Gorrillapod GP8 to take a few closer pics that I cant do with my tripod.

  26. Using my Canon 550D and Canon 50mm 1.4 USM lens, I would attach the Joby Gorrillapod GP8 to a hand held pole, which would be used to get into those tight situations, such as in the path of a rider flying down the mountain on a MTB. Thus getting the shot I want, with out getting taken out in the process.

  27. Connecting my Canon 550D to the Roll bar while doing a Safari tour through the game reserve, but what awesome pics. Ps, the littly joby was not strong enough to cope.

  28. I will mount my Canon 350D with my 18 – 55 mm lens on my friend’s response car on the light bar. Will use my remote shutter release to take photos while he is responding to a call. Could get some very interesting photos especially at night.

  29. Apart from using it on the rocks at Blouberg and the like to get a decent long exposure shot on places where my tripod will never stand, I would love to use the Gorillapod & Joby ballhead with my Nikon D5000 & Sigma 10 – 20 in the Okovango, tying it up close to the lying spot of a pride of lions and then shooting while feeding on a carcass, getting a few nice up close & personal wide-angle shots in.

  30. I would mount my Canon 550D with my Canon 17-40mm f.4 L lens to my Gorgillapod GP8 and attach it to my fathers scooter and film the the insane traffic experience of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Top Gear Style! 

  31. I will use it on a tree or pole high above all the action. The camera that I will use is either a Canon 550D or 600D with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L lens good enough to bring all the action to me with a remote trigger and SNAP SNAP!!!…What a pleasure!

  32. I’d use it with my new Canon 60D and 24-135mm while hiking, travelling, places where a normal tripod just wont work and also for low angle shoots using the vari angle screen of the 60D to get that close to the ground shoots where needed.

    Thanks for the great competitions you are running.

  33. I would mount this on my husbands motorbike and take it around Kilarney with my Nikon D5000 and 18-55mm lens attached!! To share the adrenaline rush and sheer thrill of a racing scenario with all you lovely folks!

  34. Its the perfect combination for those low lit shots on a field shoot for portraits or landscapes. Those low angle shots close to the ground or on inclined landscape I find so difficult because I have terrible balance and uncontrollable camera shake so its not an ideal mix and often ends up in blurred images. The Gorrillapod is the perfect travel tripod and with the ballhead X added to it, gives the Gorillapod the features of a full function tripod only easier and more convenient > I specifically have been dreaming about this equipment for hikes so that I can capture those beautiful waterfall shots and even have one or two with me in it for a change. I could also see how this could be useful for my wedding and portrait shoots. I like things to be a bit different so this would be a big part of my dynamic edge. 🙂

  35. I have always wanted to take a fish eye shot from underneath the Cable Car of Table Mountain as it goes up. I would be inside the car with a remote trigger snapping away… would be sick ! I just havnt found a bracket yet that I am confident enough in to risk my baby (Nikon D300s & 10.5mm Fish Eye)…. until now !

  36. Best walkabout tripod.  Able to carry the weight of a 70-200 so you can shoot landscapes on odd positions but i’m using a smaller one to hold a flash for off camera flash mostly.
    Great products.

  37. I would mount my Nikon D300 with a 10.5 wdie angle lens, underneath my Toyota Land Cruiser to the chassis, and do some insane 4×4 driving over rocks and taking pictures of the event. Driving road to hell comes to mind.

  38. I’d mount my Nikon D5100 and 18-55 lens in the dead tree at Zandvlei (Lakeside, Cape Town) where the fish eagles often roost. Imagine the shots I could get with a remote trigger.

  39. I would mount a Nikon D300 camera with a Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 lens on a GorillaPod GP8 and then attach it to my mountain bike and take multiple pictures using a remote release cable while going downhill on a single track dirt path.  Will change the angle of the lens as required i.e. first facing forward and then also facing backward in order to get a better feel of the adrenaline rush. The camera would also be mounted low down on the frame of the bike.  Would then take all the pictures and create a stock motion video.

  40. hhhmmm. I think i would mount my Canon 450D along with a wide angle lense like a 10-20mm onto the end of a broom, taking pictures with a remote trigger of a base jumper jumping over the edge of a cliff. I think that would make for some insane shots!

  41. My Canon 7D with my widest lens (in this case 18mm) – on Gorillapod GP8 mounted on the lighthouse structure in Cape Town Harbour while the ripping Southeaster is doing its thing!
    Want to capture those superwaves crashing against the breakwater 🙂

  42. I use a Canon 5D with a 17mm-40mm lens, I love landscape photography and have often thought I’d like to get up onto our vehicle’s roof (we have a roofrack) and shoot from there, but i need something steady like a tripod to do so… the Gorillapod GP8 would be perfect. The Ballhead X would of course make it possible for me to take my fabulous panoramic shots with ease.   If Ansel Adams could do it so can I… with a little bit of help from ORMS

  43. I would mount my Nikon d700 body with my wide angle 17-35mm. There are a few places i have always wanted to mount one of these, where it was needed for assignments. What i would love to do, is put it on a mountain bike and take a series of timelapse images. Sweet!

  44. I’d attach the Gorillapod to a D5000 with a fish eye lens to my friend’s leg and get him to jump out a skydiving plane before me and get insane shots of myself sky diving as well as the surrounding area, I think that would be an epic collection to my shark cage and bungee pics!

  45. I would mount my Gorillapod GP8 & Ballhead X, with my Canon 5D body with 17-35mm  wide angle lens, just below me inbetween a crack on the face of a gorge while I slackline above it across the canyon!

  46. I will mount my Nikon D7000 with a fixed 50mm on a childs head just to see what they see on there level and what they see as interesting, yes you can mount this thing on your head my friend did it sooooo funny

  47. Have you seen “Exist through the gift shop”? Like that crazy french guy filming everything, and I mean everything, I’d strap the gorilla pod to my head mount my 550D on to that and keep filming and keep filming and keep filming, and maybe one day you’ll see Enter through the gift shop and an interview of me saying ” I don’t know when the Gorillapod got stuck to my head, but since then, it’s more than any drug to me” and then who knows, maybe i could meet Banksy. 🙂

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