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Welcome to another Orms Connect Giveway! This month we have an awesome Fotostrap premium leather and canvas camera strap worth R995 to give away to one lucky reader.

The Fotostrap is a premium strap with a difference – for every strap sold, 10% of the sale is donated to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit organisation that gives back through the use of photography.

But besides aiding a great charity, the Fotostrap is also an impressive and stylish camera strap in its own right. The strap features great build quality, and it’s made from genuine leather, canvas and brass fittings, which come together in a great looking contemporary strap that is available in a range of colours.

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Orms Giveaway: Fotostrap Leather Camera Strap

  1. I think I would use Photography to show the world the unseen side of what a charity is supporting… to give people a scene of why a charity needs your help. Followed by photos of the after-effects of giving!

  2. Something I’d love to setup is a weekly photography workshop for kids that are underprivileged. Maybe an awesome portable studio space that could set up once a week and allow them to get creative and express themselves while learning about photography. School is terribly ineffective at catering to creatives and something like this may provide a release to kids whose lives are really tough.

  3. my wife is the photographer, we chatted about this the other day after listening to show on old age homes. then I said, why not offer free shoots to the people at old age homes, make them feel special. She said yeah, this is a good idea, will definitely do it… I think a nice way to give back to the community…

  4. Sometimes the best things in life is memories, an this is something I actually thing I plan to do.

    Taking photo’s of young kids and giving them the actual printed photo, doubt many of them ever had a picture taken, referring to the really poor homeless kids or even adults.

    If we could give them one memory to someday look back on, maybe that piece of identity to motivate them to a life of unlimited opportunities.

    Instead of disregarding their suffering let’s try together to play a role in their survival.

  5. There is nothing better than showing kids their image on the back of a camera. There are a lot of families out there who would love a family shoot but simply cannot afford it due to tough circumstances. I think I just thought of an opportunity to bring happiness to families by snapping their picture and giving them a framed copy of it.

  6. There is nothing better than seeing someone’s sincere joy though the photos I take. Their smile.
    I have no issue walking through the streets taking random pics of people, connecting with them and giving them the photograph. I love photography, but I also love people.

  7. I would hope to create awareness of the social ills around us, such as cruelty to animals, neglect of animals and children/people. To be able to capture images of these and use social media to broadcast and make others aware of what’s happening on the’ other side’

  8. I have always wanted to teach basic photography skills to disadvantaged youths that are trying to make a better life for themselves. In my travels I have come across so many youngsters that are fascinated with Photography and the process of just simply taking a picture. With the proper instruction and through charity donating basic equipment, hopefully some passionate youngsters will be able to empower themselves and build a life on what they have learnt through photography.

  9. I would shoot prodects for new and upcoming businesses. There is nothing worse than bad images of a product, and nothing better than beautiful images of one. So being able to bless others with my talent would be awesome!

  10. I give back already by offering my services to various NPO. I do some work for Babies Behind Bars and there is NO greater feeling than giving of your time and talent for the good of other less privileged! Try it ….

  11. I am a member of a rotary organisation and shoot projects that we do some of which include The Reach for a Dream Foundation and our own pilot projects.

  12. I would love to teach under privileged individuals how rewarding photography can be and also share and teach them how to develop their own photography by using film. When I studied, this was one of the most rewarding experiences, to develop my own images 🙂 I would love to share that knowledge with someone!

  13. We/ I could and can make aware of what is really going on in the township areas. For that reason my husband and I created a film group with kids from the walmer township in Port Elizabeth. Where we give kids the chance to learn how to tell their story with a film and foto-camera and bring awareness to their situation:

    Check this out Izimvo Zethu – My View, Your View, Our Lives.

    This is just one part of what can be done.

    Photography is a great way of transporting massages and making

    people aware of what is really going on. Teaching young people how to use a camera empowers them and give them life skills. Sharing your own knowledge with those how don’t have easy access to cameras and knowledge.

    We would continue to share everything that we know and to get more people that share the same dream with children that really have a story to tell and have a different view, than we do.

  14. Over the last 20 years I have been training young previously disadvantaged artists and designers in photography, design and art, many of whom exhibit internationally and of course locally. They are a true inspiration and continue to motivate me in doing what I do. Photography is a vital visual skill and our stores need to be told to all who are willing to see them.

  15. I would love to photograph events and communities for NPOs and raise funds through an exhibition and sponsorship’s, teaching underprivileged children the art of photography and the importance that it has in our society. The thrill on a child’s face when you show them a photograph of themselves reflecting in their eyes is priceless.

  16. I’d go into the townships and host talks where I would explain various aspects of photography to kids and teach them the fundamental basics of correcting exposure, the importance of ISO, shutter speeds, aperture etc. And if I could get a sponsor, organise some cameras that the kids could use and then we’d walk through the area taking photos of anything and everything. Then we could all view them together and I’d tell them what they did well and what needs to be fixed. I think this would then give them a way of staying out of trouble (gangs, drugs etc) and if they’re passionate about it they could do very well for themselves and that would be the most rewarding thing for me, seeing kids progressing and developing a passion for something so wonderful.

  17. I would organise an exibition that show cases the cercumstances of the community. Me and fellow photographers would supply the exibition with hptographs that will also be on sale during the event.

  18. I love animals and would give back by offering to take photos for animal sanctuaries of their beautiful furbabies needing homes and humans of their own.

  19. Oh love it! Bringing the gift and joy of photography and teaching this skill to previously disadvantaged communities is one of my long term goals.

  20. I think the best would be courses set up to teach art & photography skills in struggling communities. Their talents and creations that would surface could help boost the community!

  21. How would I give back to the Comminity through photography? I would go around to informal communities with a Polaroid camera and take photos of people and give it to them? Mostly people who does not own a photo of them delve or they loved ones:) nothing makes me smile more than someone staring at a photo they have not seen before

  22. Photography is an art form that is easily accessible to everyone. Setting up a place where people can donate second hand cameras & where they can be refurbished would be my choice. They could then be used for courses in underprivileged areas.

  23. I would love to take pictures in townships and areas where people are less privileged and print postcards of them, with it raising awareness of the need of our community, but also to raise personal awareness that the life in the townships is not a scary life or a very bad life, but to those people its their normal life, its all they know. I encounter people working with me in the construction industry daily who stays in areas that has a reputation of being a less fortunate area, but these people are fine, they enjoy the township life, its what they have had from birth. To raise awareness of the reality that where you stay is not who you are is important. Everyone is the same, everyone has a need to love and be loved, we have all just adapted it in our course of life with what was available to us, some bad some good. I would also like to take those pictures of hard life or life on the street and print it on t shirts or handmade handbags and backpacks for creating opportunity to raise awareness in this lifestyle.

  24. Through my work I often encounter people in underprivileged areas who do not own a single photograph of themselves. One day I would like to spend time taking portraits of people like this and giving them each a copy – we underestimate what it does for our own self worth to have pictures documenting our lives and validating our existence.

  25. I would love to be able to give out some cheap cameras to random folks in townships and communities, have them shoot their daily lives for a couple days and then pass the camera on to someone else. Using either disposables or a way to mail in the sd cards to capture it all. That can then form the basis of a site of images that will truly showcase all of South Africa, as well as be a way to discover some talent! Imagine all the cool shots! It would also span race, gender and socio-economic barriers and give us all a true reflection of SA

  26. I do regular walk through townships and Johannesburg CBD. I do take photos of children and parents alike and arrange to hand these pics back a week later. I cannot describe the feeling it gives to see the absolute amazement and appreciation when they “see” themselves. In most cases this is and might be the only photo that they will ever have of there own.

  27. I would just like to take photos of this great country, from the beautiful Drakensberg to the diverse cultures that live in this beautiful country. The world needs to see South Africa for what it is!

  28. I would spend time at a home for abandoned or abused children and would capture their inner beauty and make them feel special. Then print them a photobook of the images to bring a smile to their faces.

  29. To do before/after makeovers + a photoshoot to those who can’t afford make up and nice clothes. This will give them dignity and pride in their self image and make them feel special.

  30. I’d go to really poor areas and take pictures of the children. They don’t even have the luxury of owning a photograph of themselves. I know how much it means when you can go back and have a look at how you looked when you were a specific age, e.g. 6 years old etc. and I know that a simple photograph will for sure mean much more than anything money can buy to these kids.

  31. Many people don’t have photographs of their families or even of themselves. I would love to take instant polaroid shots of everyone right there and then. The idea of handing out disposables and collecting them afterward and finding a sponsor to print out a few dozen little photo books to hand out to the community would be great fun too 🙂

  32. I would like to get connected with CANSA and HOSPICE in our local and surrounding community to offer free family photo shoots. For some it might be the last photograph they will ever have of them together as a family.

  33. I have joined Ubuntu Help-Portrait, and can hopefully give back in this way.
    I am always ready with my camera at our family gatherings, and my sisters are always snapping away with their cellphones. I often print some shots of their kids for my parents. People just don’t print anymore and having the physical photos of their grandkids, means just so much more to my parents.

  34. Education is very important to me, I am a mathematician and will be in my first year of teaching next year. I believe that maths is all around us and photography is a very useful tool to use to carry out and explain some mathematical concepts. I am all about making maths fun, especially for the young bright minds growing up in South Africa and what is more fun that photography 🙂

  35. I would like to start a project in the JHB townships where I go in and teach children how to use cameras and how to take pictures worthy of selling to earn money as an artist and a photographer.

  36. We do a lot of work on the SED side of a large corporation who is very involved in giving back to the community. When you photograph a group of kids that have so little in life and are afflicted by HIV it is tough. Showing them the back of the camera and hearing the hoots of laughter or capturing a gogo’s smile when she sees herself in a picture makes it extra special. I would love to take a portable printer and leave some prints

  37. I’m not a great photographer by any means but I love taking photos of kids. I think I’d like to use photography to raise awareness on abused and abandoned kids.

  38. I would take more photos at a local bush/township in my area, which I already do. I noticed so many people didn’t have recent photos of themselves or no photos at all especially as a family. I wanted to do something special to put a smile on their face. I was in awe at how I simply took a photo of them and printed it, yet this “simple” thing made them so happy. When I printed the photos and handed them out they showed everyone and spoke about it for weeks. I would love to continue with this project and get more people involved

  39. I would like to use my photography to show the challenges and hardships that these charities are solving. They do need recognition for there work.

  40. awesome looking straps!!!
    Working in rural areas in the Eastern Cape, my camera lives on my hip, literally, being raised to my eye for shots when the right moment comes up – the images are printed that evening and I leave the pictures at the place they where taken the following day, for the subject to keep. I don’t want anything back, I’ve already captured my memory and shared it.

  41. great strap! there are many ways, but at the moment I guide alot of tours into the eastern highlands of lesotho, I encourage my guests to send pictures back, that they have taken. Every month I receive a few envelopes, which I then drop off, and try to find the people featured in the pics! not always easy, in the remote hills, but word of mouth spreads! Also print some of my own pics, and drop them off from time to time! Have so many dreams of postive things to do with pics, this is just one! 🙂

  42. How about a Pose for Paws day, where people can come and have their photo taken with their pets for a fee, with all the proceeds going to the SPCA,

  43. Taking photographs of the less fortunate and other rural communities is uncomfortable. making art out of someone’s life/ living situation and then walking away doesn’t seem like the right way to do it. If i could I would buy camera’s and hand them out for people’s enjoyment and creative education!

  44. Would love to photograph animals looking for a home eg. Darg, Tears, Aniwell, African Tails…
    Also photographing kids looking for school fees sponsorship etc eg Work for Love in Masi.

  45. I think I’d take picture of all the landmarks and architecture in all the different cities, use those pictures for maps of the cities and for advertising for tourism.

  46. Photography is a wonderful form of self expression, so if I could I would give a camera to each underprivileged child. come back in a few months, hold an exhibition for them.

  47. I would take a variety of pictures of my community, and then host an exhibition of the images at a local community exhibition centre. At the exhibition, and afterwards, I would do my best in selling the images, and most of the funds raised would be given back to my community via a community project.

  48. I would use my art to take beautiful photos of our service men & women’s families before they leave & when they return from duty… heck even photograph their families here & send them the photos! You given me wonderful inspiration… thank you!

  49. I would prove that anything can be beautiful if looked at in the right way. By changing peoples perspectives we can alter more than their current situation by giving hope.

  50. Teaching photography at grass root levels, will empower the community by increasing basic skills and education. Photography is a skill that can be applied in many different occupations.

  51. I actually plan to document the wonderful (often secret) world of do-gooders who exist in my community. knitters, bakers, gardeners, helpers, drivers – all the people who help others in the way they know how. This would be a wonderful addition to my kit. What a great initiative.

  52. I would use my photography skills to take photos of the local children playing sport and capture the essence of the happiness of playing together these children experience. I would then send these photos to the local newspaper and hopefully it will encourage residence to help provide better playing grounds.

  53. I would use photography as a mechanism to show that all individuals, regardless of their race, social status or circumstance all have something unique and interesting to offer.

  54. I would collect all working old and used cameras donated to my own charity to train and upskill disadvantaged and underprivileged individuals within our community to teach them the beauty, creativity and inspiration one can achieve through photographs.

  55. I would love to do a free shoot every 2months or so for a bride with very little / no budget. Everyone deserves beautiful memories of their special day!

  56. I provide my services to those who can not afford proffesional rates but deserve to have there special moments eternalised. Beautiful strap!

  57. I’m just a beginner photographer and i do alot of outreaches in porr communities with my local church, I give back with my photography by taking pictures so that other people can see them and be moved and compelled to also want to help out and just love on those people that are less fortunate.

  58. I would most definitely offer my services to help capture special moments for families such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and then supply them with an album so that they can treasure those memories forever.

  59. I’m an events planner, so I would hold a photography exhibition at a venue, I’d approach local photographers to donate their favourite photos and have them auctioned off at the exhibition. The money raised at the exhibition will go to charity.

  60. “life is like photography, we develop from the negatives”

    Photography has the power to move people, to change lives. It is raw, uncut, and will tell any story the way it should be told, the way it is. We make photographs for a variety of reasons. For some us, photography is a pay cheque. For others it is an outlet for creative expression. For me, there exists no greater platform upon which to give a voice to the voice less. A picture doesn’t just speak a thousand words, it speaks to the soul, to that part of our humanity we cannot ignore. In a desensitized community such as the one in which we live, photography, in its ability to capture the imagination, is priceless. I would use photography as a vehicle for change. To speak on behalf of those, human or animal, who cannot speak for themselves.

  61. I give back to the community by offering my photographic services for free to all friends… I would love to take pictures in less fortunate areas though, for those who don’t even own a photo of their own and can’t afford it. Then I’ll print it for them as a gift.

  62. After reading all these comments below I sit and wonder what my answer would be as everyone has just about said everything anyone needs to say. Firstly, I must say this is a stunning strap as my strap always slips out.

    I am a “natural giver” at heart. I love to help people in need and have done some photography free of charge. For me it is now about the money but capturing that little face which looks at you, clean or dirty. I would love to capture and document stories in and around our communities. I want to sit down with the “oak” who sleeps outside and get to know his/her story. Sometimes you just see the hurtt in someones eyes and with capturing that moment you see into that person’s soul.

    Most people want to go for the glamour of the world, but what about the cast away’s of society. It would be fabulous to raise money perhaps on auction with the photo’s and give it to a deserving organisation like the Ubuntu House in Goodwood for Abandoned babies.

    I would love to teach someone, with the little knowledge that I have how to take photo’s and “make pictures”.

  63. I would contact a local charity and ask if they need photographs of a particular project they’re busy with. I’d take the photos and donate them to the organisation so that they could use them for fundraising and marketing.

  64. I’ve been volunteering at a service organization for a few years being responsible for all photography and promotion of the club and projects. I’d continue getting exposure for our project organizations and club.

  65. I do give back to the community with photography as I do volunteer freelance photography work for 3 non-profit organizations, I work for an Anti-Drug movement and go into the drug infested areas in Cape Town surrounds and take photographs to promote anti-drug campaigns and educate kids on effects of dugs with photography and I also work with Children’s Human Rights where I go into Africa and take photographs for “youth for human rights” and I also work on children literacy programs where we go into disadvantage areas and give kids the opportunity to study and learn with “Applied Scholastics” campaign and I document all of that with photography…This strap would be awesome as I spend a lot of time with the camera around my neck 🙂

  66. If I could I would open a teaching darkroom and give free film photo workshops to youth (and anyone interested) — to share the joy of making images that reflect their own stories in a tactile, physical, tangible way.

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