It’s time for another great Orms Giveaway, and this month we have an awesome Manfrotto Befree lightweight tripod up for grabs!

Update: 13:17 PM Friday 16 August 2013:

And the winner is… Jock Findlay!

Congratulations Jock! We hope the tripod helps you get those “keepers”!

We’ve got something special to give away this August: One lucky Orms fan will win a Manfrotto Befree lightweight tripod worth R2,595!

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you need to stabilise your camera to get the perfect shot, but you don’t have a tripod with you?

The Manfrotto Befree is every photographer’s dream tripod – a strong and sturdy tool that does it’s best to get out of your way by being lightweight and easy to set up. The Befree is the difference between a tripod you leave at home and a tripod you carry everywhere you go. We especially like they way the legs fold up and over the ball head, which really helps to both keep the size of the tripod down to the minimum, and to protect the ball head when you’re on the move. It really is the ideal tripod for travelling and day trips.

View the Manfrotto Befree lightweight tripod on Orms Direct.

Watch these videos to get a sense for the Befree:

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Orms Giveaway: Manfrotto Befree Tripod

  1. Size, definitely the size. I rely on my tripod for macro shots and it has to be stable. But my current tripod can’t travel with me due to it’s huge weight and size. So if the Manfrotto Befree Tripod can steady my camera, but be light and small, then what more could I want?

  2. What makes this tripod special is the fact that it is so compact it will fit into carry-on luggage or my backpack. When hiking to remote spots it is always good to have both hands free and not carry a tripod. The fact that it fits inside the bag helps to reduce any possible damage when you are climbing and crawling through rocky places.

  3. Great light weight and ease of use make this tripod special.The compact nature and folding capabilities make this tripod great for every day use and especialy for travelling.

  4. It is great for taking time lapses, it gives that ultimate steadiness! But also so light and easy to pack. Loved working with one as a student (then I could borrow one). They could last students working with it, so it will probably outlast me in its lifetime!

  5. Its low weight makes it perfect for taking along on hikes. I’m heading to New Zealand in October and this would be a great addition to the gear I’m taking along with me.

  6. This Tripod is a strong and tough tripod and can be taken out to any location but also is lightweight so can easily be carried around. Also the new leg design is key

  7. The manfrotto befree tripod has a great design, the high stiffness, low weight, compact carry size and method of protecting itself when folded up all highlight this.

  8. what’s special about this tripod is that it’s small enough to be carried or stored in your backpack or carry-on luggage, yet is able to handle your heavy dslr camera and lens with ease, it’s perfect for the photographer who’s always on the go and needs a decent tripod they can take anywhere

  9. I travel a fair bit and to have a tripod that is lightweight and can be easily packed into my backpack rocks. With the Manfotto Befree Tripod I won’t have to worry about my luggage being overweight.

  10. I often travel long distances or overseas, and would LOVE to have something lightweight and sturdy. The fact that the ball-head is folded in in-between the legs is also pure awesomeness i.t.o. saving precious space.

  11. Compact and light enough to actually take with on those scenic trips. Size matters when packing and you can always have this one on you when you need it most. No excuse for not being able to throw this one in the bag.

  12. It is exactly what i am looking for. I need a small, compact, light-weight and stable tripod I can carry around with me everyday. The Manfrotto BeFree checks all those boxes and has cool features such as the ball head with quick release plate, the leg angle selectors for stable and creative positioning and the ability to extend from 34cm to 144cm in height.

  13. Finally a decent usable tripod to carry around and use easily!!! The size, weight and ease of use are what I like about the Manfrotto Befree tripod. I dont have to lug around my main tripod now 🙂

  14. The compact size and ball head makes this the perfect versatile tripod for photographing in low light conditions after hiking long distances. True freedom!

  15. A big issue for me always is that your average tripod aims at either classic
    landscape/group photo shot heights (high tripods with no option to get low down)
    OR low-down macro shots (where you can get really close to the ground, but you
    lose the option for big family group photo’s). The Manfrotto Befree gives an
    excellent height range: 34cm – 144cm! That’s perfect for what I need.

  16. Never having to miss another twilight, civil twilight picture opportunity again because my tripod is too big and heavy to carry around. The convenience of the Manfrotto Befree sounds amazing.

  17. I love the fact that this tripod, is that the legs fold up over the the head, protecting it and making it easier to pack up, this would be much welcomed to replace my current flimsy tripod that shakes if there is a slight wind.

  18. It’s compact size would be the sale for me. Been searching for a compact but sturdy tripod to take on some travels soon, and the Manfrotto Befree tripod seems to be the answer.

  19. The size and the fact that it has a ball head make this Tripod indispensable to the modern picture taker 🙂 oh yes and it looks super cool too which is an advantage. A must have I reckon.

  20. I seriously need a new Manfrotto, my previous 748 was magic! It’s at least 100 times better than my current “tripod”. The number of images I have had to delete due to minor movement (wind and human related) is shocking. I miss owning a Manfrotto and I miss the compact size and pure stability. Not to mention ease of use. The adjustment of the legs means it will do me wonders on the rocks when shooting seascapes and sunsets. To me, I don’t have a tripod, I have a thing to hold my camera. No ball head, no release plate… just junk. 🙂

  21. This baby is super cool for my
    backpack. The “small size and
    portability” makes the Manfrotto Befree special but even more special for
    me is the workmanship and quality that Manfrotto brings, knowing I can be
    nearly anywhere and this tripod will hold out for a lifetime!

  22. As a film and photography student this tripod is the ultimate tool.

    We are forced to use rather unstable tripods due to their versatility and size on fast-paced shoots, but the Manfrotto Befree tripod’s extreme sturdiness in addition to its lightweight and perfect height is the answer we have all been looking for.

    It will allow us to achieve stable shots on-the-move in locations we would never have dreamed of, opening up so many more options and getting us one step closer to getting that perfect shot all photographers dream of 🙂

  23. It’s a Manfrotto! I love the get-up-and-go approach the designers have embraced with the Befree. It’s light-weight yet sturdy design makes for one less thing to fret about on a long hike up the mountain, and there are no questions about it being able to keep up with a demanding outdoor shoot. Love the product!

  24. It has a new patented leg angle selector, which is perfect for those uneven terrains – plus i can hold a load of up to 4kg! This one is on the top of my wishlist and should be on the top of anyones list!!!

  25. Backpacking & hiking, but still want to carry around a reliable tripod to be able to take long exposure shots or time-lapse. Can’t really go without one of these handy little devices!

  26. Looks amazing. My current tripod is about 25 years old and way past its ‘sell by ‘ date. This looks like the perfect replacement! Lightweight, easy to use, convenient size, sturdy and the technology is a million times better than the one I have used in the past. Would love to add this to my equipment. I have added it to my Orms Wish List as well!

  27. The Manfrotto Befree makes it possible to travel light and still produce quality images with a tripod. Sounds like the ideal companion for a mirrorless camera setup.

  28. Weight is an important consideration when gear has to carried on hikes. Having a sturdy, yet lightweight, tripod is essential. The Manfrotto Befree is perfect for this purpose.

  29. As a travelling photographer keeping weight to a minimum without compromising too much on stability remains an important element of what I do. Any product that helps me in that regard is viewed as a winner.

  30. What makes this little bad boy special is that it would literally solve my problem of weight when I leave for USA next week Monday! I can then leave the big tripod at home & take this one instead! Save 2kg and be able to pack an extra weeks worth of clothes… BOOM.

  31. A busting tripod for the guy with nopod, not even an ipod! This will help me kickstart and capture epic waves, time lapses, shoots, and stabilize not only my photos but my photographic presence!

  32. The light weight and compact design definitely counts most for me. I am used to borrowing a huge and heavy video tripod from a friend when I really need it. I bought my brand new camera recently and could not get my own tripod yet, so this would be awesome!

  33. Compact, light weight, but entirely stable and the same trusted quality of every other Manfrotto tripod, perfect for all surf missions where you have to walk a few kilometers on the beach!

  34. The Italian design and finishing details, as well as the very compact, light, yet sturdy, features of this innovative Manfrotto tripod will ensure every photographic expedition is special.

  35. I love it! At last a tripod designed to be more than just a steady support for your camera! This tripod becomes a tool for extending your creativity. I want one!

  36. An extension of the camera aiding in taking memorable pictures. An excellent design that will last and no free play over time. What a want-to-have!

  37. I like the Manfrotto Befree for its amazingly light weight, compactness and the durability of Manfrotto products just to mention a few. All of which are features I need because I regularly go to shoots on my motorbike and all of the above mentioned are essential when taking photographic gear on my motorbike.

  38. The reason why the Manfrotto Befree tripoed is so special is because of the way that the legs fold up and over the ball head and in the process protects it. Awesome stuff!!

  39. The fact that the Manfrotto Befree tripod can be folded up so neatly sounds great. I photograph people and never know when I will see an interesting face so I like to have my camera equiment with me all the time.

  40. Being just 1.4kg in weight, and having a min height of 34cm, the Befree really sets you free from having the extra weight on your shoulders when you on the go.

  41. I would love a Manfrotto Befree especially because it is compact, lightweight, yet strong. I hate travelling with my current tripod and that’s often the reason I hate travelling. It would also be perfect for daytripping, especially in crowded, busy tourist destinations.

  42. It is perfect for my on-the-mountain shooting, being lightweight and a quick and easy set-up, you can get this baby up and shooting quickly meaning you are less likely to miss that Pulitzer shot…

  43. I would love to own this tripod as it is lightweight and compact making it easy to take with me whenever I go out to do photography and because it is a Manfrotto, the BEST!!!

  44. The Manfroto Befree tripod is special as it is lightweight, compact and easy to use making it the perfect companion on trips to catch the perfect photograph.

  45. What makes this tripod so special is its multiple degrees of freedom, allowing for the perfect angle on any surface, no matter what you need (especially for a hiker like me 🙂 )

  46. The Befree tripod would free me from the back ache I presently get from my normal HEAVY tripod ,while still getting me the absolute still images that I require

  47. The Manfrotto Befree Tripod’s legs fold up and over the ball head which protects the ball head while you’re moving from one shoot to another. Thank you Orms. 🙂

  48. Being small and lightweight means I can always strap it onto my camera backpack without worrying about extra weight and therefore always have the tripod with me.

  49. This would definitely be the fact that it is lightweight and is “the difference between a tripod you leave at home and a tripod you carry everywhere you go”

  50. Its lightweight, which means that you are far more likely to bring it along for the adventure, so when that low-light shot manifests itself you are adequately prepared to capture it. A great companion for a backpacking trip as well!

  51. LOVE the vital stats of a Manfrotto Beefree Tripod

    With its lightweight body and great looks

    It’s strong and versatile and sexy

    The ultimate model in my books.

  52. The lightweight and compact features are perfect for a sport photographer like me…. climbing over rocks at the beach and in the mountains… It will be a dream come true

  53. The fact that it is so nifty and will fit onto my camera bag makes it the perfect companion! I might even forget it is there until I really need it 🙂

  54. Manfrotto is trustworthy and sturdy, and now super lightweight and even more portable! This creates more opportunities to capture beautiful shots wherever/whenever, well done Manfrotto.

  55. Well as freelance designer and photography student, it’s light, so goooood for running around and it wont strain your back and shoulders. Good for multiple things as well, not just for your camera.

  56. The Befree Tripod’s legs fold up and over the ball head which protects the ball head, light, compact and perfect for travelling, would definitely make my life easier 🙂

  57. The Befree Tripod is strong, sturdy, lightweight and easy to set up. It’s a tripod you can carry everywhere with ease. The legs fold up and over the ball head, this helps to keep the size of the tripod down to the minimum, and protects the ball head.

  58. to be free or not with Befree Manfrotto tripod is the question. Undoubtedly Befree is the answer. Photographic freedom is what we all strive for, now it’s at hand, thanks Manfrottto

  59. The Beefree’s features make it the ultimate versatile tripod to carry on my hikes into the mountains – serving both macro and landscape opportunities, as well as everyday use – so it will go everywhere with me

  60. Manfrotto Befree is the ultimate in lightweight portability and I especially like the case and the fact that the legs fold upwards protecting the ball head!

  61. I’ve recently been bitten by the travel bug – the Beefree’s light weight and small size means I can put it in my luggage and don’t have to charge my clients for additional luggage when flying.

  62. Simply love the compact size and lightweight of this tripod. Would really love this to the first tripod I own as I only recently joined the photpgraphy industry.

  63. The Manfrotto Befree has unparallelled flexibility,
    and is great to use anywhere, in any situation. it would greatly give
    any aspiring photographer the leg up, in order to enter the photography

  64. Photography is my passion!! The Manfrotto Befree Tripod looks super fantastic! I would definitely take it everywhere with me as it is both light weight and incredibly compact. It would provide me with the opportunity to extend my photographic skills. I would absolutely LOVE to experiment with long exposures, moods, and textures. Right now I am using a chair or a wall to prop up my camera and these are hardly ever at the correct height or angle!!!

  65. I take my camera with me wherever I go and often catch myself missing out on a great shot for lack of a lightweight tri-pod. The Befree is a dream come true and a solution to this problem. Lightweight, yet strong, it’s the perfect tri-pod.

  66. The things that make a tripod great are its ability to be compact yet sturdy, have a good weight on it to keep it firm and a good robust head, that allows you to be agile..and free – This tripod, seems to have all of those – which makes it really stand out.

  67. Firstly, it says MANFROTTO: you are already on the winning side as the name guarantees that you won’t get stuck with a tripod that falls apart out there! Then, with this kind of performance from a lightweight tripod, how can you not make the BeFree part of your standard travelling kit!?

  68. It is the dream tripod, strong , sturdy and lightweight … easy to set up. Great for travelling. And the best is you can get it at Orms, the nr 1 photographic shop.

  69. the ability for the Befree’s legs to be folded over the ball head in order to make it smaller, and protect the head is what makes this tripod so appealing for my use out in the field.

  70. The sturdy, stable, strong photographic essential. The fact that it’s compact and lightweight means I can take it anywhere easily. Ideal for traveling and guaranteeing I capture priceless memories.

  71. The fact that it will allow me to take the photos that I want to, where I want to, how I want to, easily and without inconveniencing me by having to lug around bulky gear!

  72. The most special thing about this Manfrotto Befree tripod is the fact that Orm’s will be giving it to me for free to be free in my photography 🙂

  73. The Manfrotto Befree tripod is a light, durable, extremely well engineered work of art, designed to be the perfect partner for any enthusiastic photographer looking for a capable tripod.

  74. The Manfrotto Befree is the perfect companion for the Manfrotto 785B as they will keep each other company while I’m on the road talking about the good old days(for one) and the future that is lying ahead (together)! They can even swap cameras every now and then! The fun in supporting even gets better now with two of a kind!

  75. Its portable (with a bag to carry) , reliable, stable and affordable. With its ball neck head, it makes it easy and faster to achieve the desired position without missing the action. This is the tripod which is fit for all occasions. Its a photographer’s dream tripod.

  76. The Befree comes from the right stable, Manfrotto. It’s extremely light to carry; folds up really small, while protecting the all important ball head component; it’s sturdy plus very stable, which is the reason tripods are made; it answers all the questions on your tick list, Plus, it’s very affordable.

  77. This
    is a real winner , lightweight and easy to carry with your equipment.
    The ideal tripod to take my photography to the next level. An perfect
    tripod from the best Camera shop in Cape Town . You guys at Bellville
    rock , excellent service and always professional. Keep it up.

  78. The size for sure. I rekon the top feature of the Manfrotto Befree tripod that makes it special is the size, it is only 40 cm long which means it can easily fit into bags etc. Really nice piece of kit !!!

  79. Being so compact and lightweight but still sturdy is 100% what any landscape photographer needs. Been waiting a while for a tripod like this, thats quick to fold up and easy to carry with when hiking up a mountain or going through trails where you might need both hands.

  80. what a win this would be – I belong to a group called the 4:30 Group – we meet once a month at 04h30 at a beach location to shoot the sunrise – how awesome it would be to have a LIGHTWEIGHT TRIPOD like this Manfrotto BeFree 😀 – no more lugging my old heavyweight around ….

  81. A great tripod to carry around on travels and adventure – lightweight as well as a protective fold – it’s the best for city and nature exploration.

  82. Manfrotto is known for producing excellent quality and durable tripods. Whenever I’ve asked for tripod advice from experts, Manfrotto is a front-runner on their lists. The Befree is of particular value to the outdoor photographer, someone who needs lightweight but robust gear to capture decent nature shots. It’s the kind of product that bridges the gap between quality photography and the great outdoors.

  83. This Tripod is lightweight, but still has enough weigh to support your camera and prevent slight movement that would destroy a long exposure shot. The small compact design is perfect for the photographer on the go and in a studio. It is rugged and versatile and can be used anywhere on any surface.

  84. Light – Sturdy – Versatile – Manfrotto is a must in any photographers rig and yet mine has yet to acquire such awesomeness but who knows – go Orms!

  85. A tripod is an invaluable tool for the outdoor photographer. Unfortunately, it is often left at home during the more ambitious adventures. What makes the Manfrotto Befree so special is its superb design that keeps it compact and light weight, while offering the essential sturdy quality. It is truly a dream for the photographer on the go.

  86. Best tripod make, best quality, looks best and will always be the best. As a traveller you need this Manfrotto lightweight to travel and hike to the secluded spots where you can find the awesome shots you work so hard for. Then out comes this Amazing tripod just making your shot perfect and stabilized giving you an end result which you must really thank Manfrotto for making your journey an unforgettable easy one. Thanks Manfrotto & Orms. You guys rock!

  87. Manfrotto is one of the biggest names in maunfacturing camera equipment, especially tripods. They are known for the outstanding quality consistent in all their products. You cannot go wrong with a Manfrotto! Absolutely unbelievable quality.
    The Befree finally fills the market niche for a tripod which is both sturdy & reliable, as well as easy to carry around. A product which will undoubtably be wondefullyreceived by the photography community. Good job Manfrotto! 🙂

  88. A Manfrotto tripod, is the quintessential definition of any camera or lighting support. Known for their supreme build quality, sturdiness and the fluidity of its movements in the toughest conditions gives Manfrotto the title of the best tripod on the market. I can therefore believe without a doubt that the new Befree tripod will be a distinctive addition to the Manfrotto range.

  89. Almost forgot to comment on this! Hoping I have a chance to put this awesome tripod to the test! Will be so much easier to trek this with me for landscapes than my current HEAVY tripod!

  90. What makes this product special, is that it is light and folds up to go into a bag, this makes it a truly portable and user friendly product. Made for photographers

  91. Manfrotto is high in quality and performance. The Befree Tripod is light and easy to travel with, thanks to the folding mechanism that folds around the head and has a quick release attachment. Also, the new aluminium head has a payload of 4kg, which allows for the use of longer zoom lenses. Very suitable for the outdoor and travel photographer 🙂

  92. Solid build quality as expected from Manfrotto, ease of use and control stands out above the rest. Solid build and sturdy for the perfect shot, even in this small travel handy package.

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