Cape Town-based photographer Michael Groenewald is our first featured photographer on Orms Photo Art!

This is the first of our regular features on Orms Photo Art photographers – keep an eye out for a new post every second Thursday.

Michael Groenewald is an aspiring photographer and an aspiring poet, and states that as soon as he has enough courage, he will merge the two together into one grand design.

“I photograph things that inspire me, whether it is people, landscapes or seascapes or urban environments,” says Michael.

An avid contributor to the “Your Photos” albums on the Orms Facebook page, his images have captured many peoples’ fancy leaving a lasting impression. His cityscapes and landscapes captured around Cape Town are out of this world – images that will draw you in and keep you captured for hours studying the finesse and detail of it all.


Most recently he went to the heart of the Karoo on a little photographic exploration to shoot the annual AfrikaBurn festival. He had this to say about it: “A core tenet of AfrikaBurn is that there is no money to be exchanged during the event. Things of all kinds are ‘gifted’. My gift comes a bit after the fact through photos that I could take and then share with those who gave me a gift of allowing me to photograph them. These are my gifts – hopefully people would have kept the directions to here…”

You can view more of Michael’s work on his website, and purchase framed prints on Orms Photo Art.

Michael Groenewald 03