Meet Akhona Lunika, our hostess at Orms Cape Town, and learn more about her in the latest Orms Staff Interview!

If you’ve been to Orms Cape Town within the last few months, chances are that you were greeted with a smile by Akhona, our amazing hostess. Read on to learn more about Akhona in our latest staff interview.

Annelien Moerdijk: What were you doing before you joined Orms?

Akhona Lunika: I was a student at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Photography, and I was also interning as a photographer at 2ndTake.


Annelien: How long have you been working at Orms and what do you do from day to day?

Akhona: This is my eight month working at Orms as the hostess. I essentially assist customers on the floor and, if needed, I guide them to the correct department. I also assist at the camera sales and the D&P counters, when and where I can. Finally, I also assist at the lab with taking ID and passport photos.

Annelien: Where did your love for photography start?

Akhona: The first time I used a film SLR.

Annelien: What kind of photography are you interested in?

Akhona: Fashion and beauty photography.


Annelien: Will you take your photography any further?

Akhona: Most definitely, with time.

Annelien: Why and what do you enjoy about working for Orms?

Akhona: That I meet interesting people every day and I get to help them, but most importantly, I learn something new every day!

Annelien: Would you like to say anything to the Orms customers?

Akhona: Photographic and imaging technology changes all the time (just like my hair, haha), and we are dedicated to keeping you updated with only the best at Orms!



Orms Staff Interview: Akhona Lunika

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