See how Cape Town-based photographer, blogger and all round creative, Emma-Jane Harbour got creative with our adorable postcard booklets on the Orms Maker Series this September.


If you follow the Orms Instagram account you’ll know that we’ve started a little mission called the Orms Maker Series, basically what we do is collaborate with local photographers, designers, and creatives to showcase a variety of inspirational projects. This September, we connected with Cape Town-based Photographer, blogger and all round creative, Emma-Jane Harbour. Emma took over our Instagram feed for a few days, in addition to that, she had a go at making herself one of your little postcard booklets, she’ll tell you more about that below… 

Orms Maker Series with Emma Jane Harbour Orms Maker Series with Emma Jane Harbour Orms Maker Series with Emma Jane Harbour

Postcard Booklets with Orms

“I love these tiny postcard packs I got printed at Orms. They are so adorable and perfect if you want to make your own personalised cards or postcards.

Earlier this year we took our special Granny for tea at the Mount Nelson for her 80th, and I ended up shooting a mini photo essay of all the green plants on the lovely pink walls. The pictures turned out beautifully so I decided to use them for these cards.

I’m going to send these up to her as a reminder of the special afternoon we had! I also think they’re great cards for “Thank You” cards when guests come stay and will make for great Christmas labels!

I’m already dreaming up what I could do for the festive season”.

orms-maker-series-postcard-booklet-at-Orms-Cape-Town 1-orms-maker-series-booklet-014-img_0314 orms-maker-series-postcard-booklet-at-Orms-Cape-Town 2-orms-maker-series-booklet-014-img_0314

You can keep up with more from Emma-Jane on her Instagram or by visiting her website,

If you are not familiar with the Orms Maker Series? Our mission is simple – to spread inspiration. No one knows for sure where inspiration comes from. All we can be sure of is that it exists. Some of us chase it; others have enough of it for all of us combined. It’s just one of those things. You know it when it hits you, and when it does, you have to act. You have to bake, paint, capture – you have to create.

So our big idea with the Orms Maker Series, to inspire creativity through beautiful photos of the creative process. Over the coming months, we will be collaborating with local photographers, designers and creatives to showcase a variety of inspirational projects. Stay tuned, we’ve got so much more coming your way!