In this episode of OrmsTV we set off to the Baxter Theatre with Roger Machin in order to shoot some images with Canon’s super wide angle EF 11-24mm Lens.

Earlier this week Deon had a chat with Roger Machin, about the Canon 5Ds vs the 5DsR. In this episode we join Roger as he tells us about the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens. This is world’s widest rectilinear zoom lens with full frame 35mm image sensor coverage. While this lens is all about extreme wide angles, Canon has not cut any corners otherwise as it captures sharp images with little to no distortion or falloff.

In order to show us just what this lens can do, we set off to the Baxter Theatre here in Cape Town. With it’s exceptional interiors this is the perfect venue to demonstrate just what this lens is capable of. Lets have a look…

If you haven’t seen the previous Canon 5Ds vs the 5Ds R video, you can find that here.

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