We love seeing new and innovative ways of shooting images and video, and the story film photographer and cinematographer Casey Cavanaugh as told through the ground glass viewfinder of his Hasselblad 500C/M is simply breathtaking.

Cinematographer and film enthusiast Casey Cavanaugh is no stranger to the idea that his camera is an extension of himself, which is where we’re sure the idea for his newly released short film, Peripheral draws from.

The premise for Cavanaugh’s short film Peripheral comes from the idea that most photographers struggle with separating their work from their real lives. In the sense that there is a daily battle between the need to immortalise and to experience and be in the present. It’s really best explained in Cavanaugh’s own words, “A short story about how constantly looking to make that next great photograph can cause you to lose touch with what’s around you. ”

Shot with a hand built mount, we applaud the innovative creativity it took to create this almost too real short film.

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