Watch as photographer and Youtuber, Peter McKinnon, shares his 6 bad habits of photography.

There are countless tips and tricks out there when it comes to photography, but something people don’t really talk about as much is bad habits. Toronto-based photographer, Peter McKinnon takes us through the DON’TS in his latest video…

Probably the most important thing to realise is that bad habits and mistakes are not necessarily the same thing. There’s an extremely fine line between them but the difference is that bad habits only limit your own potential as a photographer and while we’re sure there are many amoung us who are guilty of more than a few of these, leaving them behind will only push us further!

This is a platform for sharing and we encourage all members of the photographic community to spread their knowledge and insight. What are some of your bad habits? Let us know in the comment section below!

Head over to Peter’s channel for more industry-insider tips and tricks!

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Peter McKinnon Takes Us Through The 6 Bad Habits In Photography

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