Vote for April’s Photo of the Month – Pick from the selection of five great finalists to select your favourite photograph.

Update Friday 20 April 13:31PM: Our Photo of the Month for April 2012 is…

Well done, Niqui! Beautiful photograph.

Thanks for all the photos submitted and comments on this post. We’ll create May’s “Your Photos” gallery on Monday, but you can already send your photos through via the instructions at the end of this post.

Update Friday 20 April 11:56AM: Voting is now closed – the winner will be announced shortly. Thanks for all the comments!

Once again, we’ve had some excellent photographs submitted by the community to our Your Photos gallery on Facebook. Go have a browse if you have not done so already: Your Photos: April 2012.

We have selected five candidates for Photo of the Month – Please leave a comment on the post to let us know which image you like the most! The winning photo will be announced on Friday 20 April and will be featured in the upcoming newsletter (subscribe here).

Each photo is followed by the name of the photographer, in alphabetical order:

Photo above – 01: Brian Suter

Photo above – 02: Niqui Irle

Photo above – 03: Nirun Dowlath Shah

Photo above – 04: Sarah O’Dell

Photo above – 05: Wayne Haylett

How to enter next month’s competition:
The Orms Connect Monthly Photo Competitions use the galleries on Orms Direct’s Facebook page as entries. You can submit your photographs via email or via the Orms group on Flickr. If you decide to mail your images through, please rename the files to “Name Surname 01.jpg”, and please use the subject line: “Facebook Photo Submissions”. Also include the camera and lens combination (make and model) in the message body. Thanks for sending in your photographs, keep them coming!

Please keep in mind that we do check for duplicate comments. Keep it honest: One person, one vote. If you really like one of the finalist photographs (or you took the photo) and you would like to see it win, please share the post with your friends via the share buttons to the side of the post!


Vote For The Photo Of The Month: April 2012

  1. Vote 02 Niqui Irle: a moment in the life of kids drinking water – what is so special? :: they enjoy the water as if it is for the first time – running clean water for some is a luxury – this pic caught them in an honest mode of joy – It was a fast thinking photographer and fast moving fingers on the buttons, the monochrome presentation contribute to telling the “naked” truth – without the camouflage of colour-  camera reportage at its best!

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