In this fantastic video tutorial, watch as Brian Rodgers Jr demonstrates how to photograph and composite a commercial beverage image, take a look…

Kicking off the weekend vibes with another fantastic product photography tutorial. Watch as Fstoppers teams up with Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr. to demonstrate how to photograph and composite a commercial beverage image. If you are interested in product photography we highly recommend you sit down for this one. Brian focuses on the foundations of creating a crisp, clean, well-lit hero shot for advertising, essentially an image that will aid in selling the product.

In addition to demonstrating the actual lighting and setup technique, Brian also demonstrates how to seamlessly blend and composite multiple images together in Photoshop.

About the Photographer

Brian Rodgers Jr. is an American Advertising Federation award winning Commercial Advertising Photographer/Digital Artist based in South Bend, Indiana & owner of Digital Art That Rocks commercial photography studio. Brian specialises in product & beverage photography with an emphasis on the post production process.

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