Simplification and negative space are perhaps some of the hardest things to achieve in photography. Ted Forbes discusses the topic and show’s a few prime examples of how the masters did just that.

In this episode Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography talks about visual composition, in particular – simplification and negative space. This, as Ted rightly says, is far more difficult to achieve than what it might seem. “Its worth noting that this sounds like minimalism. While reducing elements are a big part of minimalism, it doesn’t imply that your photograph is minimalist. On the base level, it simply means that everything in the composition is there to serve a purpose and no element is distracting.” Ted explains.

The second part of this technique is “negative space”. Ted continues… “We create interest by allowing things room. This also creates impact and gives importance to subjects that contrast this negative space. Negative space can be simple backgrounds, skies, flat colours, black, white, etc.” He continues by showing a few great examples from some of the masters of photography. Take a look…

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