A wonderful interview with photographer Dayanita Singh about her project “Go Away Closer”, and why she was inspired to develop structures that allow her to move and change displays of her work.

Another wonderful TateShot’s production, it’s always great to discover incredible photographers from around the world to inspire us. In this episode, photographer Dayanita Singh explains how her photography books are a bit like sculptures, and tells us how the overpowering colour of India let her to work in black and white instead, resulting in her images feeling ‘more elusive’.

The artist also talks about how she got started in photography, how she got inspiration for the “Go Away Closer” project and her frustrations with how images become ‘fossilized’ in museums and art galleries. This, in turn, prompted her to develop her mobile ‘pocket museums’ – structures that allow Dayanita herself, or invited participants, to move and change displays of her work.

“How wonderful if we can make structures that allow things to mutate and transform, and then people will engage with the image in a different way. Of course I love the image, but I just feel that photography is very limited by itself”. – Dayanita Singh

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