Wedding photographer Nikki Wagner explains why photographers charge the rates they do, and why it’s not “cheap”.

Nikki Wagner, a Pennsylvania-based wedding photographer, has written a post on PetaPixel in response to a Craigslist ad asking why wedding photographers charge $3000 for a day’s shoot. In her post, Nikki explains to the concept of photography being a business, and that it therefore has costs associated with it like any other business – a fair point. On the other hand, one of the commenters mentions that “if you can’t live on what the market [is] willing to pay, find another job.” A little bit too blunt, certainly, but is there any truth to it?

All in all, Nikki’s post offers great insight into the Cost of Doing Business in the modern day photography industry, and why all photographers need to charge the rates they do in order to sustain not only themselves, but their business as well.

Here’s the original Craigslist ad: Attn: Wedding Photographers.

And PetaPixel’s follow-up article: Why Wedding Photographer’s Prices Are “Wack”.

As Nikki sums it up:

“Photography is my passion and my livelihood, and it is also expensive. Yes, it seems like a lot of money for one day, but one day isn’t all we spend on your photographs or on our business. You will spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress or flowers or a venue or on catering which you are going to have for only one day, but your photographs will be the only thing you have to remember that one day for the rest of your lives.”

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Photography's Cost Of Doing Business

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