Photos from the extremely colourful Holi One Festival that took place in Cape Town last weekend, taken by Stu Shapiro.

These great photos were taken by Stu Shapiro at the Holi One Festival in Cape Town, which took place over the past weekend.

The colour festival made for some incredible shots, but photographers needed to protect their cameras against the powder and the water. For those that are planning to photograph the upcoming Holi One Festival in Joburg, here’s what Stu did:

“Holi One is definitely a different playing ground when it comes to photography. I’ve shot in hairy situations before – deserts, snow, sprinkler environments, intoxicated people and the likes, but there is nothing like the fine beautiful colour powder of The Holi One Colour Festival to put your equipment to the test.

“At first I considered the Dicapak S10, R1500, but shunned the idea as I’m not crazy about the functionality and bulk of the cover. Its a great product, 5m waterproof, but not for me and the way I photograph.

“I landed up using tape and a rain cover, R200. Glad wrap worked well too, lens dependant. At the end of the day my one camera gave in and died for a good hour, it just couldn’t handle all the fine dust. I made a point not to change lenses and stick with my first selection of a 70-200mm and 16-35mm, one on each body.

“It’s all fun and games until a few seconds after the count down, the power flies into the air, you take as many varied shots as possible in those few seconds and then get engulfed in a wave of powder. Eyes, ears, mouth and camera are enveloped in dust. At that point its back to the media tent for a quick clean and then back out again.

“Eye drops, multiple cleaning cloths, a dust blower and solution are invaluable… And of course, make sure you have a cleaning/service booked on Monday morning!

“It’s definitely worth the challenge and risk. Its truly beautiful, not to be missed, a visual feast of colour and happiness. I have to say thank you too all involved for bringing this amazing festival to our country!”

Photographs shared with permission.