Photos from last Saturday’s Canon Workshop with photographers Marlene Neumann and Chris Fallows.

On Saturday, we hosted a workshop in partnership with Canon SA, featuring talks by fine art photographer Marlene Neumann and wildlife photographer Chris Fallows.

Marlene delivered an inspiring talk on exploring ones creativity through photography, and Chris shared some of the best wildlife photos we’ve seen, including incredible shots of great white sharks breaching in False Bay. We hope everyone that attended the event enjoyed it and found it inspirational! For those who didn’t make it, please keep an eye on our social feeds and newsletters for upcoming workshops and talks.

Here’s a few of the exceptional photos shared by Marlene and Chris, as well as some photographs from the event.

Fine art landscape photography by Marlene Neumann, shot on black & white film and produced in the darkroom using unique processing and printing techniques that Marlene has developed over the last 25 years:

Marlene Neumann 01 Marlene Neumann 02 Marlene Neumann 03

Wildlife photography by Chris Fallows, who specialises in marine wildlife, but also shoots on land:

Chris Fallows 01 Chris Fallows 02 Chris Fallows 03

Photos from Saturday’s Workshop:

Orms Workshop 02 Orms Workshop 03 Orms Workshop 04 Orms Workshop 05 Orms Workshop 06 Orms Workshop 07 Orms Workshop 08 Orms Workshop 09 Orms Workshop 10 Orms Workshop 11 Orms Workshop 12 Orms Workshop 13 Orms Workshop 14 Orms Workshop 15 Orms Workshop 16 Orms Workshop 17 Orms Workshop 18 Orms Workshop 19

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Photos From Saturday's Canon Workshop

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