Huge post: 40 street photographs taken during the Orms and Fujifilm photo walks with Gus Waschefort on Saturday.

Last Saturday, Fujifilm X-Photographer Gus Waschefort shared his knowledge with over 60 photography enthusiasts on a photo walk around Cape Town, organised by Orms and Fujifilm South Africa. Photo above: Andre Mouton.

The “Fujiwalk” was initially intended to be one three-hour session in the morning, but due to the fantastic response (we were fully booked in five minutes!) we organised another walk for the afternoon. Attendees were treated to a selection of Fujifilm X-series cameras, including the X100s and X-M1, but were also welcome to shoot with their own cameras.

The feedback from Gus’s teachings and the cameras was great, and we’ll definitely be organising more photo walks in the future! Here’s what some of the photographers had to say:

“It has been one of the more influential talks that I have been to in a long time. We all play the tourist at one point or another, however these methods made us look at life differently, made us a little more bolder in our approach and ultimately we had soo much fun during this shoot.” – Cheryl Venter

“It was certainly a challenge to go out on a walk with a camera I have never used before.  The upside is that the cameras were user friendly and not too difficult to figure out.  I really liked the compact size which is certainly ideal for taking street photography.” – Kym Clayton

“Really enjoyed the walk and workshop today and the change to play with one of the Fuji range of cameras. Thanks to Fuji too. I did not change any settings and the pics are almost film like. Love the colours.  Fine solid little camera but was blown away by the X-T1 Gus was using” – Andre Mouton

“I had a fantastic time. I had never considered street photography; Gus was really an inspiration and I am definitely going to spend lots more time with this genre.” – Barry Williams

“I went away having challenged my own perspective on street photography and just invigorated in general. Thank you for your efforts in getting us together and making the day work.” – Hannelie de Klerk

And here’s a selection of photos taken during the walk.

Photos by Andre Mouton:

Andre Mouton 01 Andre Mouton 03 Andre Mouton 05 Andre Mouton 06

Photos by Anthea Kirkman:

Anthea Kirkman 01 Anthea Kirkman 02 Anthea Kirkman 03

Photos by Barry Williams:

Barry Williams 01Barry Williams 02Barry Williams 03

Photos by Burning View:

Burning View 01 Burning View 02 Burning View 03 Burning View 04

Photo by Craig Barrett:

Craig Barrett 01

Photo by Hannelie de Klerk:

Hannelie de Klerk 01

Photos by John Rayner:

John Rayner 01 John Rayner 02 John Rayner 03 John Rayner 04

Photos by Kym Clayton:

Kym Clayton 01 Kym Clayton 02 Kym Clayton 03 Kym Clayton 04

Photos by Marlyn Smidt:

Marlyn Smidt 01 Marlyn Smidt 02 Marlyn Smidt 03 Marlyn Smidt 04

Photos by Neal Tosefsky:

Neal Tosefsky 01 Neal Tosefsky 06 Neal Tosefsky 07 Neal Tosefsky 08

Photos by Peter Gohl:

Peter Gohl 01 Peter Gohl 02

And some photos by Hein Hough from Fujifilm South Africa:

Hein Hough 01 Hein Hough 02 Hein Hough 03 Hein Hough 04 Hein Hough 05