Photographs and video from The Avant Garden’s first creative carnival, showcasing up-and-coming creatives in Cape Town.

A few weeks ago, The Avant Garden Collective hosted their inaugural creative carnival in Cape Town, showcasing up-and-coming fashion designers, photographers, musicians and more, in the form of a rooftop cocktail party and a craft market.

The eponymous event was a great success, and we’re looking forward to the next one! Event Media documented the evening with a great video, and chatted to the founder, Gabriela Charlotte Fraser, to learn the story behind The Avant Garden. Take a look:

Photos taken by Jason Broderick from Nomadic Souls

View more of Jason’s photos on Facebook.

Jason Broderick 01Jason Broderick 02 Jason Broderick 03 Jason Broderick 04 Jason Broderick 05 Jason Broderick 06 Jason Broderick 07 Jason Broderick 09 Jason Broderick 10 Jason Broderick 11 Jason Broderick 12

Photobooth portraits taken by Greg Liss from Flash Poets

View more of Greg’s photobooth portraits on his blog or Facebook.

Greg Liss 01 Greg Liss 02 Greg Liss 03 Greg Liss 04

Photos shared with permission.

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