Adobe has released the iPad version of Photoshop Touch – Is this the future of retouching or just a mobile convenience?

Adobe has released the iPad version of Photoshop Touch for retouchers on the go. The functionality of the app falls somewhere between the full desktop release and their earlier Photoshop Express app, hence the relatively inexpensive price – although it does include layers, masks and filters. We haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, but the 4.5 star rating on iTunes seems to indicate that the app is living up to people’s expectations.

Read more or purchase the app:
US App Store: Adobe Photoshop Touch – $9.99
ZA App Store: Adobe Photoshop Touch – $9.99
Adobe Photoshop Touch website

Given the maximum image size limit of 1600px by 1600px (amongst other limitiations) at this point in time, an iPad and Photoshop Touch can’t compare to a desktop or notebook with the full CS5 version of Photoshop, but will this change in the future?

Here’s our take: There is little doubt that tablet devices are the future of mobile computing, judging by the progress of hardware and software in the last two years. Currently, these devices excel at content consumption, but lag behind when it comes to content creation, such as image post-production (although some might argue that apps like Snapseed are good enough already). However, as they gain more and more market share, the software and hardware should theoretically, or inevitably, improve. This means that at some point, full productivity applications like Adobe’s Creative Suite might be ported to a tablet or tablet-like mobile devices. What are your thoughts on this? Can you see yourself editing an entire shoot on a tablet, now or in the future?

Either way, we’ll be purchasing this app to test it out soon – if it’s a viable option for post-production, we’ll post our findings.

Here’s some screenshots:

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Photoshop Touch Released For iPad

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