Since a rebranding and a name reclaim, Polaroid is back with a new creative option fit for the digital age.

Welcome the Polaroid Hi-Print, a Bluetooth-enabled, pocket-sized photo printer that uses due sublimation to create 2×3-inch (5×7.5-cm) snaps from your smartphone. Oh, and did we mention they’re stickable too?

What sets the Polaroid Hi-Print apart from the rest of pocket-sized photo printers on the market is the ink usage. Unlike those currently on the market, Polaroid has opted to utilise a special paper-and-ink system of cartridges allowing their prints to be noticeably higher quality than the rest. In a statement from the company, Polaroid stated that the goal with the Polaroid Hi-Print is to give creators “all the quality you’d expect from a photography brand with all the freedom to create when inspiration strikes.”

The accompanying app, which is available to both iOS and Android users, gives you further creative control by allowing editing of your images before printing. This editing quite includes; filters, overlays, frames, stickers, text, and other options so that you can make your images as unique as you link before you wirelessly print them.

Key Features:

  • High Quality 2×3″ Self-Adhesive Prints
  • Dye-sub Technology for High Quality Prints
  • Pocket-Sized Prints
  • Printing Speed of 50 seconds

To find out more about the Polaroid Hi-Print take a look at it on Orms Direct here.

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