Great street portraits taken in Iran by travel photographer Albert Retief while on a journey across Asia.

Last year, we shared some amazing photos taken by travel photographer Albert Retief while on a journey through Vietnam, and now he’s back with another update. This time, he’s treating us to some great portraits taken in Iran.

Albert adds: “I spent a month travelling around Iran. It’s a very interesting place and super safe. The people are very hospitable too.”

The stop in Iran is just part of a much larger journey, which has had Albert traveling via public transport all the way across Asia.

“I’m in Istanbul at the moment after leaving Tokyo at the beginning of the year. I travelled overland using public transport from Japan to Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran and now Turkey. Shooting a ton of photos as I document the movement of people and the ones I meet while I move through East and Central Asia. The journey has been amazing and I still have some more in me so I’ll head South from here to Egypt.”

Here’s a selection of Albert’s portraits – for more of his travel photography, follow his updates on his blog and Flickr photostream.

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