New printing options available from Orms: You can now print your digital photos onto aluminium or glossy perspex!

Prints on aluminium and glossy perspex are now available from Orms!

Print on Metal

Printing on our 1.5mm thick aluminium substrate results in a unique metalic look, creating a vibrant image. Prints include the hanging mechanism.

Print on Perspex

The high-gloss perspex substrate offers you an alternative look to a regular canvas print. Prints are done on 2mm thick perspex and include the hanging mechanism.

Pricing for both substrates starts at R299. Sizes: A3, A2 and A1. Example prints are on display at both of our stores, so pop in and have a look. For more info, please email the Orms Print Room or ask us in store.


Print Your Photos On Metal And Perspex

  1. Hi, How much to print a 120cm X 64 cm artwork on either perspex or metal. Also advice on what kind of subjects look better on metal than perspex. Will it still be able to hang a 120cm perspex without the surface bending?

    1. Hi Bernie, we can do a 120x64cm print for you, but Pam or Andre will get back to you via email with a cost estimate. In terms of what would look better, the perspex has a high gloss finish that makes colourful images ‘pop’, while the metal print is more suitable for images with a lot of white in them – we don’t print the white layer, so the metal effectively becomes the white layer in the image which creates a striking effect. Perhaps you can send the photo to us and we can offer more advice on the best substrate? We haven’t had any problems with the perspex prints warping at 120cm sizes in the past.

    1. Hi Marelie,

      Andre recommends against printing on our metal or perspex substrates for exterior use. The UV-cured ink that we use will hold up well in direct sunlight, but the perspex will warp and discolour, and both the perspex and metal will scratch when you wipe it clean (if it gets dusty or rain spots). However, we do have a few solutions for you, such as printing on banner material or on a different, special metal substrate designed for outdoor signage. Please email for more information.

    1. Hi there, yes we do deliver to Johannesburg. An A1 metal print is R699 and A0 is R999, and an A1 perspex print is R699 and A0 is R1899 (due to thicker perspex and a metal backing frame). Courier costs need to be calculated on a per-print basis, but usually start at R150.

  2. I have made a grid for b&w photos on A1 size. The current color of the spaces between the grids are white. If I make these spaces transparent, will you be able to print on perspex without affecting the white in the photographs itself but still discard the white spaces. I am preparing for an exhibition at WHAG in Kimberley in September this year and I want to explore perspex-printing. Regards. Attie

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