Feel like adding something new to your house? Why not try out a few of these Orms Print Room & Framing ideas to revamp your lounge area!


It’s so important to feel good about the environment you’re in and what better reason to refresh your living space than the start of spring. But we know that this can be costly, especially after a long, cold winter. Why not try out a few of these Orms Print Room & Framing ideas to revamp your lounge area.

Diasec: Upgrade a room with this single feature, which Orms Print Room & Framing is proud to be the sole agent of in Africa. The diasec method offers you an exhibition quality lightweight solution and a guaranteed lifespan of 30 years. Find out more about the process of creating a diasec for your home here.

Perspex Light Installation: Breathe new life into a room by creating a one-of-a-kind light installation using our perspex printing service. All you need to do is take your piece of perspex to be die cut into your desired shape atΒ Impressive Designs, then bring it in to be printed on at theΒ Orms Print Room & Framing. The final step is to install a light bulb behind the backing, it’s that simple.

Self-adhesive Wallpaper for Stairs:Β Wallpaper can instantly transform any interior space, whether it forms a subtle backdrop, a gentle accent or a striking focal point. But it doesn’t have to be used for walls necessarily. At Orms Print Room & Framing you can now print wallpaper for unique areas of your house such as staircases, to take your interior to the next level!

Self-adhesive wallpaper: There are many ways to use wallpaper that doesn’t necessarily entail a wall. Another one of these is to use our self-adhesive wallpaper as backing for a shelf or even a book case, opening up an enclosed space.

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