Fantastic portrait photography tip by Peter Hurley lets you shave 10 pounds off your subject with a super simple move of their arms.


Peter Hurley is a New York based headshot and portrait photographer specialising in advertising, actors headshots, corporate photography and fashion. He also has a YouTube channel packed with fantastic tips and tricks to master the art of portrait photography. This particular episode called, “Hold Your Sub” has got to be one of the best tricks we’ve come across yet!

Often people automatically stand with their hands on their hips, as Hurley rightly states, “it’s a terrible place for your hands, it makes you look 3 times wider than what you actually are.” The solution? Keeping the elbows close while swinging the hands out… as if holding a giant sub sandwich. This simple tip slims down your subjects arms, making them look smaller. Watch, this actually works.

For more great portrait photography tips make sure you visit and subscribe to Hurley’s YouTube channel.

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