Canon Europe has announced Project 1709, a free online cloud storage service with great photo managing functionality.

Project 1709 is a new service from Canon Europe which offers free online cloud storage for your photographs.

While there are a multitude of free online tools available for storing or backing up images, we really like Canon’s approach with Project 1709. The user interface merges desktop functionality with the convenience of online, and has been designed to make it easier to manage a lifetime’s worth of photos, allowing you to browse images by years, albums, tags and camera. The service also includes all the social integration that you’ll expect, allowing you to share your images with friends on your social networks.

And for those wondering, the service is not limited to Canon users or photos taken with Canon cameras – you can upload, store, manage and share photos taken using any camera, including smartphones.

See it in action:

The service is currently in public beta testing, and users can sign up for an invite on the Project 1709 site, or read more about the announcement on Canon Europe.