In this video, the team at Mango Street explain why you don’t need to stick to the rules when it comes to lens options and why you can shoot with whatever lens you want!

We are back with the team from Mango Street today, this time the team shares a few tips to help you rethink your camera lenses. As they rightly state; “Early on in your photography career, you’re often told certain focal lengths are specific to certain uses. In this video, we’ll explain why photography rule makers aren’t your mom and you can shoot with whatever lens you want!”

Tips in Short:
1. Rethink Portrait Lenses
2. Rethink Lenses for Group Photos.
3. Experiment with the Brenizer Method.

If you haven’t discovered these guys yet, the team at Mongo Street recently started up their YouTube channel and we’ve got a feeling there’s some great content on the way. So head on over, check it out and hit subscribe while you’re there. You can also follow them on Instagram, at @rachelgulotta and @danielinskeep. Let’s take a look…

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