In this quick tutorial, Manni will teach you how to create a brisk colour tone in Adobe Photoshop.


Article and video tutorial created by Manfred Werner, a Cape Town-based photographer and founder of RetutPro.

This Tutorial is all about Brisk Colour Tones in Photoshop. As always, this image has already been retouched, we’re simply applying the effect to create the mood.

We start off with a Selective Colour Adjustment Layer and move straight away into the black tones. The idea is to tweak them a little bit to get the warmer colours out. You can use your own creativity and play around in the neutral tones, but we don’t want to use it for our effect. Our next step is to apply a Black & White Adjustment Layer and change the preset to High Contrast Blue Filter. We then change the blending option to overlay (You can also choose Soft Light, depending on how hard you want the effect to be). We then drop the opacity down to 30. This is a great way to build contrast.

For our next step we create a Solid Colour Adjustment Layer and choose a deep red colour. We then switch the blending option to Colour. We then drop the opacity down to about 15%. For our final step we create a Curves Adjustment Layer to create a pop.

Adjustment Layers we used for the effect:

  • Selective Colour Adjustment Layer
  • Black & White Adjustment Layer
  • Solid Colour Adjustment Layer
  • Curves Adjustment Layer

If you would like to download this episode for free, you can do so by following this link.

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