Lighting Tutorial: In this week’s episode of Light Talk, we look at a simple one light setup with Manni at Retutpro.


Article and video tutorial created by Manfred Werner, a Cape Town-based photographer and the founder of RetutPro.

In this Light Talk episode, Manni will discuss a One Light Setup. It might be a One Light Setup, but for this shoot we made use of two Light Modifiers.

We used sunlight behind the subject(s) to create the ambient light, playing around with the aperture settings to get the right look. We filled the front with a silver inline beauty dish with no diffusing material. The dish is not placed directly at the front, rather a bit to the side of the subject to still have some shadow.

The car, of course, is also in the background. The idea was to light up all the elements of the car to make it stand out as well. For this, we used a different light modifier, namely a strip softbox with no grid. 

Here are the modifiers we used:

► Silver Inline Beauty Dish without diffusing material
► Strip Softbox without grid

If you would like to download this episode for free, you can do so by following this link.

We’re excited to be sharing regular tutorials again from RetutPro, the largest photography and retouching YouTube channel in Africa with over 90,000 subscribers!