Watch this stunning time-lapse by local photographer and videographer, Liesel Kershoff. This bad boy will make you want to jump in the car and just get out there this weekend!


Here at Orms we love finding incredible talented people – if they are from South Africa, we love that even more. Enter landscape photographer and videographer, Liesel Kershoff who recently brought her beautiful time-lapse work to our attention. 

After working for several years as a landscape photographer, Liesel started to feel like something was lacking, “I then discovered time lapse photography and it awakened my passion for photography, it opened my creative mind again and I found the missing piece of passion at last. All of a sudden, I could create something which stimulates more senses than one single photo. I could tell a story, add music and create the visual experience I have been craving all my life.”

She continues; “My years as a landscape photographer honed my craft and have boosted me into a world where I could produce a stunning visual story and keep my audience captivated for more than the 5 seconds it takes to look at a still photo – but I had a steep learning curve in time lapse. A technically difficult process of capturing images, with an even more difficult process of learning the software which creates them into a seamless video. I had (and still have) so much to learn about videography, but I felt at home, at peace and content. I could produce stories of nature in it’s full beauty – I felt at home.”

Talking about this specific project: “The R44 in South Africa is a provincial route that connects Piketberg to Kleinmond, running past historical towns like Stellenbosch on it’s way to the Atlantic Ocean. The most spectacular part of this route is between Gordon’s Bay and Betty’s Bay where it winds along the coast through the Kogel Bay region. Sheer cliffs fall into the Atlantic Ocean with the R44 hugging the mountain on winding turns. These breathtaking views were the focus in this time lapse short film: ‘Route 44 – Don’t just drive it, Explore it!’

Route 44 attracts tourists, swimmers, campers, hikers, surfers, photographers, film crews, fishermen and couples in love. It is the lifeline for four small towns to Cape Town. This short film covers the scenes I explored; starting at Betty’s Bay, passing Pringle Bay and Rooi Els and ends at the Steenbras River mouth (Gorden’s Bay) with a beautiful green saltwater pool caught between slabs of rock and a full moon rising over the mountain.

Even though I spent four months shooting this location, I do not feel as if I have covered all the beautiful landscapes it has to offer. There is so much more to explore; hiking routes into the mountain, waterfalls and sea caves, high sand dunes and penguins, whales, dolphin’s and seals entertaining the waves.

Route 44 should be on your bucket list when visiting South Africa!”

Technical Info:
Nikon D750
Nikon 16-35mm
Lee Filters
Emotimo TB3
Shukuma slider
LRTimelapse Pro
Lightroom CC
Premiere Pro CC
Music by: AShamaluev Music

Shot in 6K RAW.

Filmed, edited and directed by the very talented Liesel Kershoff, you can keep up with more of her work via VimeoTwitter, Instagram or Facebook.

All rights reserved by Liesel Kershoff. Shared with permission.

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Route 44 Time-lapse by Liesel Kershoff

  1. Incredible .. and utterly beautiful.
    I can only imagine the hours and hours of work required to find, photograph and arrange all those scenes so perfectly. The result is absolutely breathtaking. What a talent!
    Well done Liesel!!!!

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