Great lifestyle and interior photography from the current crop of shops and boutiques in Woodstock, taken by Russell Smith.

Article and photography by Russell Smith.

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by Sunday Times Magazine to shoot a design guide for their supplement. Covering different precincts all over South Africa, this assignment was focused on the lively Woodstock area. It is not new news that Woodstock has been revived, in fact one could say that we are currently experiencing the second, if not third, wave of shops, restaurants and galleries that have sprung up as a result of the momentum in its popularity.

My images after the shoot seemed to belong to two very different categories. One with clean lines, minimal by design and layout (Chair Crazy, Haldane Martin, Stevenson Gallery, Stockhome Contemporary Kitchens) to a seemingly random collection of items that have found new worth (O.Live, Selah, Quirky Me, Vamp, Recreate etc.).

The Old Biscuit Mill has played a large part in Woodstock’s revival and even though it was more the retail shops that made our shot list, I couldn’t help but include some images from the market itself including my wife’s stall Sababa.

Post originally appeared on Russell’s blog. Russell is a prominent food and portraiture photographer based in Cape Town, but also enjoys to document his travels.

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