“I’m gonna make them feel the best they’ve ever felt!” Analogue photographer and stylist Sarah Hugo-Hamman exclaims in reference to the models she captures on film. “I want them to feel beautiful and proud of themselves in these images. I was like, this is going to be a gift, this is going to be a gift to the people I work with.”

Everyone’s creative journey is different, and Cape Town creative Sarah Hugo-Hamman’s has certainly been a unique one. While she discovered photography during her studies at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, she only began experimenting with the medium whilst stuck in Jordan for ten days on an international trip that took an unexpected turn. Once back in South Africa, Sarah began making inroads into the local photographic and fashion styling community. Her efforts as multi-skilled image maker got her noticed by the well-known casting agency, My Friend Ned, and she went on to become their go-to photographer.

In the second episode of OrmsTV’s #ISHOOTWITHORMS video series, we hung out with Sarah Hugo-Hamman in her car while she recollected her creative journey so far. She recalled being mentored by art director Gabrielle Kannemeyer in the earliest days of her career as a stylist and her personally challenging recent work shot on her grandfather’s Rolleiflex.

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If you would like to explore more of Sarah’s alluring images, you can dive into her Instagram. It is a real wonderland!

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