Print it or lose it! Save your photos from being forgotten on a hard drive by printing them. Get started with these Jumbo print specials.

How many photographs do you take in a day?

We are capturing more and more photos every day, and over 100 billion images were taken in 2012 alone. Since the invention of photography, it has never been easier to take photos than it is today. Almost everyone has access to a photo capturing device, whether it is a camera, a cellphone, or a tablet. What do we do with all these photos? Some get shared online, but most are probably stored on a memory card or hard drive, and their existence forgotten.

We want to be able to remember those moments as we took that image, to share them with our friends and family. To have them as fond memories, hanging on our walls at home for all to admire and reminisce.

So what can we do if anything happened to the digital files, to ensure we would still have those once in a lifetime memories to look back at? PRINT IT, OR LOSE IT! Having your images printed will ensure they remain for years to come.

To get you started we are offering additional FREE Jumbo prints when you print 100 or 200 at a time.

Print 100 jumbo photos and get 10% off!
Print 200 jumbo photos and get 15% off!

Whether you are into scrapbooking, photo albums, canvasses or photobooks, the list is endless. At Orms we are always thinking of new and exciting ways of printing and displaying your images.

And if something should happen to your computer we can always scan a printed photograph and duplicate it.

By the way, did you know that you can send your photos to us via email for printing? You can then collect the prints once they’re ready, or we can courier them to you if you’d prefer that. Mail your photos to Orms Cape Town or Orms Bellville.

Happy printing!