The DJI Ronin is now available at Orms! Not sure what it is? See this revolutionary device in action!

Unless you’re an avid cinematographer, you probably don’t know what the DJI Ronin is. So, what exactly is it, and how will it improve your shot, you ask?

The DJI Ronin, brought to you by the same guys that popularised quadcopter drones with their Phantom line, is a stabilised 3-axis gimbal for mounting video DSLRs and other compact cinema cameras, like the Canon EOS C500.

With the Ronin, you can get sweeping cinematic shots previously only capable with advanced dolly setups or passive steadicam rigs, while trumping both of those solutions. The Ronin offers the camera operator the freedom to move through the scene unhindered, while the director of photography can remotely control the angle of the camera to keep the subject in the shot. Perhaps the best way to understand it is to see it in action:

The DJI Ronin is now available at Orms. Please visit our brand-new Pro Broadcast department at Orms Cape Town for a hands-on demo, or contact Juanne Whyte for more information, including pricing.

Here’s a few more official shots of the Ronin in action:

dji-ronin-02 dji-ronin-03 dji-ronin-04 dji-ronin-05 dji-ronin-06 dji-ronin-07 dji-ronin-08 dji-ronin-09 dji-ronin-10