From Contermanskloof to Zone7, watch this awesome video shot on the Nikon D810 by Craig Kolesky and Troy Davies.

It’s no secret that the new Nikon D810 is a powerhouse when it comes to shooting videos, but it’s still awesome to see it in action, especially in the hands of Craig Kolesky and Troy Davies.

From the Contermanskloof mountain biking trails to the secret bowl skate spot and the Zone7 dirt track, the photographer/videographer duo put the Nikon D810 through its paces around Cape Town and produced this epic must-see video. It starts off with some behind-the-scenes footage and Craig sharing his thoughts about the camera, and ends with the final action-packed production, which even includes some drone footage shot with the DSLR!

Take a look:

Here’s some behind the scenes shots from the shoot:

nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-11nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-1 nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-2 nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-3 nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-4 nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-5 nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-6 nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-7 nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-9 nikon-d810-craig-kolesky-10

Update – Even more photos from Troy Davies:

AR Craig and Skyhook at zone 7

AR Interview with Anthony

AR this is what happens when you are on the outside of a berm

JM and CK check out the drone

JM dropping in

Skyhook at zone 7

Skyhook balancing the D810

The Pinner Portrait shot

The Pinner

Photographs shared with permission.