Thomas sets out to test 3 techniques to get pin sharp focus from front to back. Is it a matter of simply focusing to infinity, or focus stacking? Let’s see!


You might remember British photographer Thomas Heaton, we’ve shared a few of his photography vlogs here on the blog over the last year or so. Thomas is a fantastic landscape photographer who basically takes us along on his adventures as he seeks out those perfect shots. Most importantly, not only get to see his process, you also get to see the end result.

Today is a little different, Thomas sets out to find the best technique to get pin sharp focus in his landscape images from front to back. Is it a matter of simply focusing to infinity, or focus stacking? Of course, as always everyone will have their own opinion and personal preference. But watching Thomas conduct this little experiment and reviewing the end result, we thought some of you will certainly find it interesting. As he says; “Guys, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; this video is not a tutorial. With landscape photography, the best way to get real answers is to go out and do some simple real world tests. I realised that I had been asked the question about focusing more times than any other question and my answers is always the same, focus to infinity or focus stack. But I wanted to see if there was a better way.” Let’s take a look…

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Getting Sharp Focus from Front to Back: A 3-Way Focus Test

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