Watch as photographer & filmmaker, Sean Tucker shares his thoughts on keeping things simple and challenging your creativity.


I think there’s a few of us who are guilty of over complicating things for ourselves when it comes to photographic gear. From over thinking it and feeling like you have to have the latest camera at all times, all the way to just over packing comes to travel. Sometimes, it’s good to simplify things, and maybe even challenge youself. While on a recent trip to the Island of Gozo (Malta), photographer Sean Tucker took a minute to reflect on a few these points, and talk a little about what he personally feels works for him.

As he says; “I am prone to taking too much gear on trips, but this time, seeing as this was supposed to be time to relax, I thought I would just take my Canon 5DmkII and a Sigma 50mm prime. Taking one focal length forces you to think more, and move more, in order to get the shots you want… and of course means a lighter bag, and grateful back muscles. Limiting yourself to one focal length for a trip forces you to think more creatively to compensate (zooms can make us lazy). Your legs have to become your zoom with a prime lens. If you want to exercise your photographic eye, this is often a good challenge to give yourself.” He also continues by offering some thoughts on why you don’t need the latest gear to deliver great results and reasons why the Canon 5DmkII is still good enough for him.

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