Tutorial: A few quick tips on how to photograph a waterfall, by Emma Desira and Canon Australia.

In this video, Emma Desira from Canon Australia demonstrates how to shoot moving water. Take a waterfall for example, if you have a fast shutter speed you can actually freeze the droplets, giving you a nice and crisp effect. On the other hand, you might want keep the feeling of movement, with smooth, silky water. For that you’ll have to slow your shutter speed down. Emma demonstrates how to achieve both of these effects, and also shares a few handy tips that will enhance your final results. Lets take a look…

A few things to keep in mind when you are getting ready to shoot water:

1. Shoot in Tv Mode to control shutter speed.
2. Fast shutter speeds like 1/2000 will freeze water droplets.
3. Slower shutter speeds like 1/3 will deliver a silky smooth effect.
4. Use a tripod when shooting slower shutter speeds.
5. Using an ND filter will allow you to shoot slower shutter speeds in daylight.

For more Photography 101 tips, you can follow Canon Australia on their YouTube channel here.