Kicking off the day with some short film inspiration today! Watch this beautifully shot short film by Tay Steele that tells the story of surf photographer, Amber Mozo facing the same waters where her father lost his life years before.

“Forgiving Pipeline” tells the story of Amber Mozo, a 22-year-old photographer born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu. As the daughter of legendary surf photographer Jon Mozo, a former fixture in the lineups along the famed North Shore, Amber was raised with a love for both the ocean and photography.

Jon Mozo passed away while shooting photos in the water at Pipeline — he was 33 years old. Amber was only 9. Soon after her father’s passing, Amber picked up a camera and her photographic journey began.

While photography has taken Amber all around the world, shooting some of the most beautiful known surf breaks, until this winter, she hadn’t swum out into the lineup that stole her father’s life — Pipeline. This winter, however, under the tutelage of fellow North Shore surf photographer, Zak Noyle, Amber swam into the Pipeline lineup for the very first time during the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro.

A Tay Steele film, find more of Tay’s work on Vimeo or by visiting his website. Also, make sure you check out the Lumière Trailer on Vimeo.

[Shared via Red Bull]

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