Is a tricky question many of us have been faced with. In answering Ted makes a few valid points to consider.

Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography answered a very important question yesterday, “Should I work for free?”. Anyone who’s worked in visual art has at some point been faced with this question and it’s a difficult one to answer.  Needless to say, it depends very much on each individual.  Some decide to go for it and others simply say, “No way!”.  For me, personally – yes, I worked for free when I started out as a photographer.  My reasoning at the time was that I wanted to build a portfolio and gain some real experience.  It worked, and it didn’t.

Take weddings for example…

I did a few free weddings, and as Ted rightly points out “question the quality of the project you are about to do”. Generally someone who is keen to have a pro bono photographer also has a small budget to work with. So visually for my portfolio, it didn’t help that much.

On the other hand, I did gain plenty of experience and it made a huge difference in my confidence.  So for me, there were two sides to the coin.  Would I do it again?  Probably not.  Instead, I’ll do more assisting.  This again opens a whole world of questions.  If you haven’t worked in a field before and you’re looking to gain some experience – assist.  This could be one example of “trade” as Ted mentioned.  You need some experience and a photographer needs someone to help out at a shoot.  You both win.  You add value by being a helping hand and in return you have an opportunity to learn and gain experience.

Again, it depends on each individual’s path and what your goal is.

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