A very quick behind the scenes with Red Bull Skater Jean Marc Johannes shot by Cape Town based photographer Craig Kolesky.

Post written by Craig Kolesky.

Some days I wake up in the morning with nothing to do. But a lot of the timse I get called at the last minute to shoot something interesting for a skate magazine. This morning [Wednesday – Ed.] I got a call from Red Bull Skater Jean Marc Johannes, he wanted to shoot a ledge at the stadium that had not been photographed before and wanted to do something risky on it. Being almost midday and with the Sun pretty bright, I packed my trusted Elinchrom Quadra Rangers to fill in the light.

The shoot set up started smooth, but as usual the guys got excited and started trying harder tricks before warming up properly. Unfortunately JM landed pretty hard on the ledge on his third attempt and had to go to hospital to have the injury looked at, making the total shooting time less than 15 minutes. We still managed to get a couple of frames and from the text I got from JM, we will be back on it in a week.

We shot these using a Nikon D3s, Nikon 16mm, 2 x Elinchrom Quadra Ranger, 2 x Pocket Wizard Plus 2 receivers, Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 and a 32 gig Lexar card.

JM ended up with 10 Stitches, and a couple of Tetanus injections – all in a days work.

Based in Cape Town, Craig Kolesky specialises in action and sports photography. For more of his work, take a look at his website or blog.