Visual inspiration: Slitherstition is a brilliant series of minimalist and colourful photos of snakes taken by Andrew McGibbon.

Durban-based photographer Andrew McGibbon‘s Slitherstition is a series of bright and colourful photos of snakes.

While they may seem like composites at first, we were impressed to learn that the photographs were all created in-camera! Each snake was photographed from above on a coloured sheet of paper – see the behind the scenes shots below for a look at the setup.

But it’s not just about creating interesting images – Andrew is also attempting to challenge popular misconceptions with this large body of work. From the description: “These images, then, are a result of my attempts to break down our suppositions of the animal. Photographed with warm light on bright colours, I am looking at their enchanting beauty and design, and their vulnerability, as creatures simply existing outside of the buckling pressure of the evil they are meant to represent.”

Read the rest of the statement, and view the entire series on Behance, and view more if his work on his website. If you enjoy his colourful images, be sure to look at his Super Colour portraits, which we featured last year.

Here’s a small selection of photos from Slitherstition:

Andrew McGibbon 02 Andrew McGibbon 03 Andrew McGibbon 04 Andrew McGibbon 05 Andrew McGibbon 06 Andrew McGibbon 07

Behind The Scenes

Andrew McGibbon 08 Andrew McGibbon 09 Andrew McGibbon 10

Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.

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