Here’s something you don’t see every day: Slow-motion video of an AK-47 rifle being fired underwater.

And now for something different: Slow-motion video of an AK-47 assault rifle being fired underwater, captured at 27,450 frames per second!

The video is a collaboration between Smarter Every Day and The Slow-Mo Guys, who teamed up to record the effects of a bullet being fired from an assault rifle submerged in a pool, both for science and entertainment. So, while the footage itself is awesome, it also serves to demonstrate a few very interesting events that happen during the blink of an eye, such as cavitation and the oscillation of bubble motion.

Unfortunately for those hoping to capture similar slow-motion videos at home, the high-speed Vision Research Phantom camera used in this experiment is not available at Orms, but on the bright side, we’ve featured some more great slow motion videos right here, here and here!