Bill Rayner from Orms Cape Town shares his thoughts on the Steiner Predator Pro 10×42 binoculars.

We asked Bill Rayner, our resident sports optics specialist at Orms Cape Town, to have a look at the new Steiner Predator Pro 10×42 binoculars and share his thoughts with us. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have long been a fan of Steiner Optics – the brand has always been recognised as money well spent. They meet all the highest expectations you would expect from their rivals in German optics, namely Carl Zeiss and Leica. However, those brands come at a premium price, so lets look at value for money.”

“Looking through the features and first impressions of the Steiner Predator Pro 10×42, it is well balanced, and the binoculars have a comfortable feel with the smooth rubber grip. It is moulded to your fingers for easy handling. If you are looking for a pair of big brand, sturdy roof prism binoculars, consider Steiner. If you want good general use, all-rounder binoculars, pay a moderate amount of your hard-earned cash and buy the Steiner Predator Pro. Nothing comes close in its price range.”


Bill also included an interesting history of Steiner Optics, for those not familiar with the company – they’ve brought some great innovations to the field! Here’s a shortened version:

  • 1967: Became the first company to optimise (in conjunction with Bayer) and use high tech material Makrolon (fibre-reinforced non-corroding polycarbonate which is practically indestructible) in binocular housings.
  • 1973: First binocular with Nitrogen invented.
  • 1978: First compass binocular invented.
  • 1985: 2 valve system for Nitrogen-pressure-system introduced.
  • 1989: First colour-coated binocular invented.
  • 1990: Introduction of ultra-violet colour coating.
  • 1998: High Contrast Optics introduced.
  • 1999+: Range expanded with new binoculars suiting various tasks.

The Steiner Predator Pro 10×42 binoculars are currently on special during our Friday 2 Friday promotion, valid until 14 November 2014.


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