Cape Town-based filmmaker David East uses his GoPro as a stills camera, capturing awesome photographs wherever he goes.

These great photos were taken by Capetonian filmmaker David East, who uses his GoPro as a go-everywhere wide-angle stills camera.

“I started taking pics as soon as I got my GoPro Hero 2, but when Instagram featured me as a Suggested User, I started taking it a little more seriously. I use my Hero 2 with my LCD BacPac and I take it pretty much everywhere I go. The great thing about this is that, besides for the small image preview, you don’t really know what you have shot until you get home and load them onto the computer so it is almost like film in that way. Also with the GoPro is that is versatile and compact so it can get some very unique shots. It’s just a cool different way to taking unique shots compared to my DSLR.”

You can view more of David’s photography on his Instagram and website.

Photographs shared with permission.


Stills Photography With A GoPro By David East

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