In October 2020, we were delighted to host “South Africa’s Favourite YouTuber”, vlogger and creator, Thato Rampedi. Thato hopped onto our YouTube channel for an educational live digital workshop, courtesy of Canon South Africa, where he generously shared his top tips, tricks and strategies for those looking to level up their YouTube content game.

Thato Rampedi has been creating videos on YouTube for more than three years now. He creates content around his relationship, his family, hosting conversations with his friends and sharing his lifestyle through vlogs. Through consistency, developing a relationship with his subscribers and figuring out what type of content they enjoy, Thato has seen a great deal of growth in his channel since its inception.

In this pertinent and informative live digital workshop, Thato delivers the goods with exclusive insider insights into the following topics.

  • Finding your niche: figuring out what type of content you want to create and what you are trying to achieve with that content
  • Making contact with the initial viewers who will become your invested audience
  • The vital role that consistency plays in developing and maintaining your relationship with your subscribers
  • Tips for analysing what makes your content successful, including titling, thumbnails and editing style
  • How your relationship with your subscribers can lead to income through brand deals, merch and product endorsements
  • Branding yourself and your content so it becomes instantly recognisable, including insights on title sequences
  • Hacks for shooting better visuals and recording better audio using your smartphone
  • How to figure out what type of gear will support your creative endeavours most effectively before you make the investment
  • Best practice for uploading and publishing: thumbnails, titles, descriptions and tags
  • Proven strategies for keeping viewers engaging with your content, including using cards, end screens and playlists
  • An introduction to certain key aspects of the YouTube algorithm
  • Effective methods for plugging your channel rather than just repeating “like, comment, subscribe”

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Thato for being so open, frank and helpful with his sharing! You can of course find Thato creating on his YouTube channel and sharing on his Instagram and Twitter.

If you missed it live, you can catch the recording of this live digital workshop on our YouTube channel.


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