We’re hitting the streets with photographers Sean Tucker and Joshua Jackson, and getting the inside tips & tricks on shooting truly breathtaking street photography.

We’re sure you’re very familiar with photographer Sean Tucker, if not from his work then surely from Orms Connect. This week Sean’s focusing on adding mood and mystery to his street photography by bringing on board friend and fellow photographer Joshua Jackson.

As a street photographer who prefers to shoot at night Joshua likens his photographic style to that of a moth, always seeking out and investigating light sources searching for that next shot. He goes on to explain that while some photographers may see only the limitations of shooting at night, this limitation is exactly why he prefers to shoot at night. Joshua uses a mixture of colour theory and plain old viewer interpretation to create moody images with great pops of colour that we can’t help but look twice at.

As a firm believer, that the character of places is in the small things Joshua uses his images to spin stories of spaces some may move through every day and never pay attention to. Using the combination of form, abstraction and colour Joshua is able to create his very own creativity gap. If you’re not sure what a creativity gap is you’ll need to watch Sean’s latest release to find out the secrets behind this curious term.

Be sure to give this latest upload a watch and find out the why behind Joshua’s work, Sean hopes that like him hearing another photographers story and reasoning behind their creativity can inspire and uplift others.

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