Watch acclaimed stop motion filmmaker PES create an unusual sub sandwich in this amazing short shot on a Nikon D810!

Watch this great stop motion short created by acclaimed filmmaker PES. It’s an amazing use of the photographic medium to realise the rather strange visual of a sub being assembled from very unusual ingredients.

Unlike many traditional stop motion films which make use of clay models or other inanimate objects in miniature sets, Submarine Sandwich features PES himself. At first, it appears as if it’s a normal film shot in real time, but you soon realise that some of the animations would be impossible without posing the props, like the smooth appearance of the doily’s being sliced from the boxing glove (not a typo). As such, PES has to keep himself steady for hours while each scene is filmed – some of the shots took between 2 to 9 hours to shoot frame-by-frame on a Nikon D810!

Watch the behind the scenes film produced by Nikon to catch a glimpse of what went into the making this creative short, and see more of PES’ stop motion films on his YouTube channel.

Via PetaPixel.