What do comic book superheroes do in their spare time? Benoit Lapray answers with these great introspective portraits.

These brilliant portraits of comic book superheroes were created by French photographer and retoucher Benoit Lapray. Although portraits of superheroes aren’t entirely original, we particularly enjoy Benoit’s great use of composition and light to create what would otherwise be good portraits anyway, even without pop culture icons as subjects.

With The Quest for the Absolute – Lonely Superheroes, Benoit attempts to answer the question: “What do our comic book heroes do when they are not face to face with the enemy or trying to save the life of a person in distress?”

“He captures and freezes the moment during which the famous vigilantes are not in the action and presents them here as lonely beings who wander in nearly deserted landscapes.
Maybe it is for taking their strength in contact with the elements that they are momentarily withdrawn from civilisation? But perhaps they are quite simply on a quest to find themselves?”

If you enjoy the photos, view the rest of the large series on Behance, or order prints from Benoit.

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Photographs shared under the Creative Commons Attribution licence.