Swan Song by Dillon Marsh: Documentary photographs of abandoned and derelict farm houses in South Africa.

South African documentary and fine-art photographer Dillon Marsh is back with his latest series, titled Swan Song.

With this project, Dillon documented abandoned farm houses in South Africa, shooting the derelict buildings in the same style and perspective, in order to let the similarities and differences reveal themselves – similar to Bernd and Hilla Becher’s works. We particularly like the part that the weather’s hand in giving most of the images a gloomy feel.

Here’s a few photos from the series – view the full set of images on Dillon’s Behance portfolio.

Dillon Marsh 02 Dillon Marsh 03 Dillon Marsh 04 Dillon Marsh 05 Dillon Marsh 06

Photographs shared under the Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives licence.