View the overall winning image of the Orms & Synergy Live Music Photography competition, as well as the runner-ups!

As part of the Orms & Synergy Live Music Photography competition, the winners of Round 1 – Aidan, Gerhard and Jess – were asked to send us three photographs each, taken at the Synergy 2011 festival this past weekend. Our panel of five judges have selected Gerhard de Kock’s crowd photograph as the overall winner:

Gerhard has won double tickets to Synergy 2012 as well as a documentary photography short course at the Cape Town School of Photography!

We’d like to thank our partners: SynergyLive, One Small Seed and CTSP, as well as everyone that submitted entries and voted for their favourite photographs! Once again, congratulations to Round 1 winners Aidan and Jess and the overall winner Gerhard!

Below you’ll find the other finalist entries:

Aidan Tobias:

Gerhard de Kock:

Jess Levitt:


Synergy Photo Competition Round 2 Winner

  1. Is the first one of the crowd and DJ stage the winner?!?!!? then I am deeply disappointed in the judging!!! Someone in the crowd could’ve taken that holding a smarthphone in the air!

    It could be any DJ concert at anytime and does not say anything about Synergy. The lack of any action on the stage and completely inanimate crowd kills the photo even more for me.

    I was expecting a photo that would embolden the crazy energy and vibe that is Synergy but this photo just does not do it. And the image is slightly OOF as well.

    1. Hi Cerevis,

      It was a difficult decision in the end, with another one or two contenders for the winning image. However, due to noticeable camera shake in the other contenders, we decided that Gerhard’s photo deserved to win. We understand your frustration and disagreement, but we had to make a tough call and we stand by our decision.

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